What do you want more of/less of on the internet? -


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It's my 1000th post on KF so I thought I would make a fun little thread.
Here are my 2 questions for you:

1. What content is underrepresented or not represented at all on the interwebz? What would you like to see more of?
2. What's overrepresented online that you wish everyone would just shut the fuck up about?

I'll start:
1. More original content.
Everyone is obsessed with remaking/remixing/reviewing/analyzing/reacting to stuff that already exists, very few people are actually bringing fresh content and ideas to the table.
I want to see new things, we can't progress as a species without that.

2. Less politics (that includes identity politics)
So many things are politicized these days, it's ridiculous.
Art, entertainment, science, philosophy, education, business, every aspect of our lives is being dragged down by politics.
Even porn can't escape bullshit like BLM (look it up... or rather, don't).
If everyone stopped talking about politics even for a day, the world would be a better place.

Your turn.


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Need more of:

Oeganization and better search engines
Open source content
As mentioned (original content)

Need less of:

Virtue signalling attention whores
Selling peoples data
Intrusive advertisements
Political censorship masked as anti-bullying measures
Publication companies charging ridiculous amounts for research articles