• ”I asked my mom to lend me the money but she refused after hearing that i intended to purchase a gun.”

What does 2019 hold in store for Phil?

Discussion in 'Phil Burnell / DarkSydePhil' started by LordofCringe7206, Dec 14, 2018.

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no one can help you

  1. While every year is a bad year, the odd numbered years always seem to be apocalyptic for him:
    • 2013 saw the introduction of the"This is How You Don't Play" and the parody "DSP Tries It" videos
    • 2015 saw the beginning of his Patreon shenanigans, the DDoS attack and swatting incidents, the copyright claims that caused his channel to lose prioritization in YouTube's search engine and the JohnRambo and Howard response video that revealed quite a bit about Phil
    • 2017 saw Machinima firing him, his breakup with Leanna, his tax problems coming to light and the beginning of the escort saga
    How bad will 2019 be for Phil?
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  2. Irrefutablly bad. Phil doesn't really get better.
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    Spl00gies ~doot doot on de zoot~

  3. I predict he'll be hospitalised at some point due to something that was in his control but will blame others for.
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  4. Same shit as usual.
    If he can keep his alcoholism to a minimum he'll somehow scrape by as usual.

    Edit: probably have a "amicable" break up with Kat
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    BeanBidan Mah names not Shane, kid.

  5. Following his current path and obvious decline (physically, mentally, creditcardlly) I'd say he will lose the house at the end of 2019. But he won't sell it, because he is too lazy to do that (it's impossible dood, he has foam on a wall), he simply gets robbed by the higher authorities. Of course something he could avoid by selling this thing, but in the end it's the detractor's fault anyway. In reality it's his fault and his spending habits with his credit cards.

    Something I just wish would happen, and the signs are there this will happen (he just challenges this outcome), he will lose his Twitch channel. There just needs to be one change behind the scenes, the ones in love with Phil removed, or Twitch is getting sick of the amounts of reports against him, and Good Bye his whole business career. Simply unlikely because "Twitch loves him". But he just has to get at least 1 temporary ban again. It's getting ridiculous with what he's "allowed" to do there.

    Kat will leave him as soon as she sees no happy future for both of them, or finds THE JIM of her heart, who of course has money. Actually money (and having a lazy slug as a partner) can be a real legit love killer. You need money to build a future. And how fun is a partner who can't buy you anything? I can't imagine she stays another whole year with a poor pig who's bombarded by an armee of detractors on his ass. Also does she really want to have a partner who will play videogames as a job, for the rest of his and her life?

    He will throw more fans under the bus, fans will vanish, whales will come, but the cycle never ends because of incompetence, so no real growth there.
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    Wurstbrot Basic Understanding Of Time

  6. if he is not lying to us about needing money,hes probably gonna have to sell his house and get cheaper one.hes probably gonna refuse an apartment because hes a <grown adult>
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  7. 1 - marry Khet as his "anchor".
    2 - get ass raped by the tahks man
    3 - forced to sell the home(s) as Khet takes him to the cleaners in divorce
    4 - Khet runs to the interwebz with stories of the horrors of being live-in maid-whore to a snorting shut-in.:unholy:
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  8. Lies, scams, begging, and the most ridiculous luck ever. So the same as every other year.

    Imagine being him year after year. He does nothing. He has nothing to show for anything. He has no real memories. He has no life. He has no friends. He lives on a loveseat. His life is so insanely sad. No one will marry someone like him.

    I’d neck myself if my life was that pathetic. I don’t care how much money I was making it’s not worth a lifestyle as sad as his.
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    Commander Keen

    Commander Keen in GOODBYE GALAXY!!!

  10. I know NEETs who aren't unhappy with their choice of lifestyle. With Dave all you ever hear about is how miserable and stressed out he is.

    His lifestyle is not sustainable, no matter what year it is.
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  11. Moving to Connecticut ?
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  12. I think there's only one thing we can predict for certain.

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    Kosher Dill

    Kosher Dill Potato Chips
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  13. "Here is the REAL reason Kat broke up with me. There is a sick motherfucker on the internet named Tevin and he was sending her dick pics."
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    ReentryPhantom Need that money to pay my bills...

  14. Probably like every year since 2015. There will be a whole bunch of problems that can only be solved by money which will all work out no matter how many people claim this is the thing that will finally kill the pigroach. He'll trudge though the 2019 conveyer belt of games, probably put out a shitty Dark Souls Remastered reredemption run, and his career will continue to slowly erode despite him doing nothing wrong and everything correct.
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  15. I'd say the usual. Be bailed out by whales, make the occasional black begging shirt video, throw in a couple of "redemption" runs and you got 2019.

    The only thing I can really hope for is Kat leaving.
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    A Witty Name

    A Witty Name A Witty Title
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  16. Probably a recycle of paypigs and mods as the current ones become disillusioned.

    Most "exciting" stuff happens when outside parties inadvertently change their policies or indirectly do something that affects Phil. Youtube, Twitch, and/or Twitter might take action against him which causes him to double down, etc.

    Kat leaving next year is a strong possibility, or at the very least we'll see more of her face drowned in complete misery/agony.

    His Patreon is gonna go down harder. We should always keep in mind that when he first started it was at around 2k/month.

    I have a feeling something will happen to the detractor """""community""""" (i.e. tevin, drgnkiller, etc) that might cause a split once more or at least bad blood.

    He will never pay that 16k off by the date of ultimatum, which might cause him to beg even harder, or maybe he'll lose his house after all if he was truthful, which also leads to him revealing his "mysterious illness" which will most likely be diabetes (type 2 because he's a fucking idiot and think that's the incurable one) because you can't really "tell" if someone has diabetes as opposed to something like cancer (balding from chemo, rapid weight loss).
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  17. I highly suspect he already has type 2 with his frequent need to urinate, eye problems and 2nd stream fatigue*. His diet is almost exclusively meat and carbs + alcohol. He get close to zero physical exercise and No, I do not count walking around a grocery store and carrying in the bags or the oh so taxing laundry as 'physical exercise'.

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    Raven'sChild Peep, peep, RAWR!!!!!!111one

  18. The economy goes through a recession so the value of his condo decreases and he is completely underwater on his credit card bills. After that I have no idea what he would do.
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    Freshtodeath Kwhality Khantent

  19. E56C4CDB-EE47-4F68-8F90-5ADF00806A22.jpeg
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    #19 FailedAttempt, Dec 14, 2018
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  20. If we are talking true, end of times awful for Phil, then he will get Kat preggers.

    Honestly that would be the rock bottom and the only thing I could think of that would top the previous odd numbered years
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