What does Amber do all day? Speculation Thread - Less content means more speculation.

How many times a day do you think Amber stands up?

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My name is Otto! I love to get blotto!
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It’s been discussed before but now that she’s admitted to being bedbound what do you think Amber does all day? InB4 she eats, after all we know our gorl lives a very busy life.

My guesses:
-Stalks Destiny and Dana’s social media while making her bitchface.
-Obsessively googles herself.
-Lurks every post about her on kiwifarms.
-Threatens to kill herself if Becky gets the wrong kind of sauce on her burrito.
-Watches Netflix.
-Watches Trisha and other youtubers feeling like they’re her friends.
-Indulges in her delusions.
-Eye fucks herself in the mirror.
-Films for a few minutes and instantly rewards herself for her hard work.
-Talks down to Becky/anyone who enters her cave.
-Screeches at Twinkie about how much she loves her, but gets pissy if the cats come in.
-Finds new ways to stuff even more food in her mouth at a time.
-Browses proana sites and Larps as a skinny girl.
-Complains about her layggg pain constantly.
-Tries to think of new ways to lie to her viewers.

E- Sorry, I fucked up the poll, I’ve never created a thread before. (:_(:stupid:
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My name is Otto! I love to get blotto!
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Who bets that she plans trips and buys clothing for when she reaches her weight goal? I bet some of the journals were for writing traveling plans for when she’s skinny. Guess they’ll never be used.

The only trip she’s headed on. Then Becky can light the beacons with all of her leftover journals, the Gaycare calls for aid.


My name is Otto! I love to get blotto!
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They had to call of plans for cremating her. Given the fat content of her body, it's more likely than not that she'll simply explode.

To say nothing of the smell.
Death sperging incoming. Chances are they’ll have to cut off her limbs one at a time and cremate each. If her body fuses to the bedding she will probably be ripped in half anyway, it’ll create a biohazard for a good while and walls may taken out if she’s intact. I’d suggest they just Gilbert Grape the house otherwise but it could hurt the animals. (:_(They sealed the houses fate the day she moved in.

Turd Blossom

Like thunder & lightning, goddamn it's so exciting
  • Picks at scabs
  • Thinks up "errands" for Becky to do that will lead to her bringing food home
  • Writes scathing Yelp reviews for restaurants who don't offer takeout
  • Passive-aggressively puts fork marks in Ricky's Country Crock knowing that that is his biggest pet peeve, then blaming it on Eric
  • Finds an inspirational quote on Insta, records it in her "deep thoughts" journal, then rewards herself with a Reese's Cup for a job well done.
  • Times Becky to see how fast she comes when called.
  • Makes fake FB accounts to dislike Becky's sister's posts
  • Counts her Haute Cash
Honestly it's no wonder our gorl uploads so infrequently, she leads a very busy and fulfilling life y'all.


-Spends some time trying fat girl angles and filters
-Cry-binges over how she's no longer a fat girl with a pretty face
-Soothes herself by buying clothes from Torrid that she can't wear but her fat viewers want for themselves
-Whores for attention on social media
-Cry-binges while reading shit people say about her on KF/FB

Clown Baby

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Online shops, googles herself, orders Becky around (clean the litter Beckyrellie, go to Long John Silver's Beckyrellie).

The rest of the time I think she reads really bad self-insert Blake Lively fanfic and trolls instagram for a new chick in case Becky ever gets tired of this existence.


Give me the bones!
Thinks about how attractive to men she is.
Wonders why her poems about traingoing fly larvae and iridescent dairy products haven't made her poet laureate yet.
Emits ear-splitting screeches when it's time for her feeding.
Continues her speech pathology exercises to pronounce everytheeeeeen like a lobotomised Valley Girl.
Makes hate comments with socks on other channels including Eric's.
Restocks the wax melt drawer so she can't smell her own thrush-ridden tiny hole.
Googles diets she can pretend to go on for new subs and asspats.
Thinks obsessively about when she'll next see Destiny and how she'll seduce her by screeching with laughter and flipping her thinning hair like she's seen in Pantene ads.

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