What Does Being a Kiwi Farmer Do For You? - A Look At the Psychology of Bullying


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Feb 8, 2020
Why Do People Bully?

As somebody who has always stood up to bullies, I find the inhabitants of the Kiwi Farms to be a fascinating lot of dysfunctional, mostly young, mostly unemployed people, with the most astounding array of psychosexual disorders I have ever seen anywhere, even in excess of what was on display at The Ranter and at AMB. Those are just men with sick imaginations. You freaks actual play out the fantasies in real time. One has to wonder what's in it for a woman like @Mariposa Electrique, allegedly a professional woman who says she has a career, is married to a fine man and has two grown kids. What's causing the deep psychic pain she is denying and projecting at me?

Plus, how come, such an intelligent woman has to aim so low, focusing on things I really have no control over and never did? My urogenital system was damaged when I was little, leaving me with a lot of body functions that didn't work right. My sinuses are the booger factory from hell and when the post nasal drip gets me coughing, my sphincter and bladder may leak, but this is not something that happens every day, nor does it amount to very much leakage when it does. Yes , I'm bald, but so what? The women in my family go bald. Yes, I'm overweight, but not so much that it can be called "morbid obesity". Yes I have no teeth, but did you know i can't get dentures because of the plate in my jaw?

The rest of you probably have more simple reasons for the schadenfreude dependence you gratify with the gang bullying here. Fucked up, abusive home lives for most of you, I'm sure. Sexual frustration is surely the other big motivator. You're frustrated and angry that even sex workers won't have anything to do you. You want these people you perceive to be inferior to kill themselves, when the truth of it is you hate yourself and lack the courage to do anything to improve your life, so you seek pleasure in making other people miserable. The main reason that otherwise intelligent people hate me so intensely is that they're living lies and I'm too real for them. None of you can refute a thing I say rationally and your own belief system is so jangled with congnitive dissonance that you lash out at me.

Live foolishly and die stupid, morons with delusions of intellect and redeeming social value. Alternatively, you could put down your game controllers, get up out of bed, the couch or your gaming chair and get some fresh air, sunshine and socialization with living people for a change.
Friendly reminder you are routinely called a pedophile dogfucker. Oh and a troon, which is real rich you judge others for their psychological states.

Mariposa Electrique

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Jun 3, 2016


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Apr 12, 2016
no tomas doxxing people posting their picture is not proof that you have friends or that you are not a pedo dog fucker who shits and pisses himself and whose father hated him so much that he choose to die
An example of tom's friends


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May 1, 2021
I can prove the zoophilia thing is true. Here you go!
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Thanks to @Daisymae for digging this one up.
The best part about this information is you don't really need to dig at all. Read the first ~10 pages of Tom's general thread and everything starts to make sense (well not really). Tom has been intentionally exposing himself to boards that do nothing but harass and shame him. It's like Tom thinks this is some great barrier that he must overcome, and that having substance-less arguments with hundreds of retards somehow builds his power and credibility. Little does Tom know that he can just log off.

Cyberbullying isn't fucking real, Tom. Shut off the computer. All of us have no stake in you. It takes me 2 minutes to write a shit post to make you mad, and yet you spend your entire morning and evening replying to people that HATE you.

One question, Tom: why did you think it was OK to rape a 15 year old even when your girlfriend at the time told you not to?


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Aug 13, 2018


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Jan 31, 2020


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Apr 20, 2021
If people are telling you that there is something seriously wrong with you, Chances are there is something seriously wrong with you. And they're not wrong at all.


Feb 14, 2021
I just like laughing at trannies. I am a “professional” with a job, house, husband, and friends in real life. Stop pretending it’s only alt right “nazis” or gamers and broken people who post and lurk here. Cope, seethe, etc etc.


Apr 2, 2020
I live in a country with very hostile speech laws. If I was to truly speak my mind in my home country, I'd be put in jail.

@Miss Tommie Jayne Wasserberg do you know what it's like living a lie? To be born into a situation you have no control over, surrounded by people who call you a hateful bigot and to not be able to just speak the truth about who you really are? All I want to do is to scream "YOU AREN'T A FUCKING WOMAN YOU'RE A MAN WITH A MUTILATED PENIS AND A MENTAL ILLNESS" at every fucking ugly troon that I see, but I'd be put in jail. It's not too much to ask for. I guess it's hard for you to understand anything through the inch thick layer of filth that surrounds everything you own.

Being able to tell the freaks, weirdos and degenerates of the world that they are freaks, degenerates and weirdos is theraputic. It calms me. It allows me to have my say, influence others and get back to my normal life comfortable in the knowledge that no matter my lowest point, I will always be above your ilk at your peak.

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