What does the kiwi above you look like in real life? -


unironically a scene kid in 2020
Pale white skin, but during the summer he burns to a crispy, peeling red under the sun.
His lips are thin, plump, and severely dried and chapped.
He's somewhere in the average, weight-wise. Not obese but not really a stick either.
His hair is black, long, and unkempt. The grease that has accumulated on it over the past few weeks without a shower had left his hair with a glossy, stringy like appearance.
He has stubble, yet still somehow has quite the baby-face. Usually, he would shave, but he just feels like the effort is far too much.
He sports a Metallica shirt, which is stained and worn from it's never ending usage.
He either wears boxers or sweatpants, refusing to put more than a single, tiny ounce of effort into his physical appearance.
On his head sits his personal crown, a gaming headset with LED lights emblazoning the side. The headphones further collecting the grease of his unwashed hair.