What does the person above you's avatar say about him - Playing on Hax's theory that your avatar says a lot about you

Professional Lurker

I'm creeping!
Once got arrested for bringing a fake katana to school because it was Halloween and really wanted to show off an edgy anime cosplay.

Googie dot com

Peanut Gallery Wackadoodle
An autistic kid's oc they found and appropriated off the hellspawn known as Deviant Art. They heavily enjoy this absolute work of garbage and spend their days being masochistic looking at a similar dribble.

Absolute Brainlet

Local demon pimp shitposting on New Zealand forum
4chan oldfag. Posts memes with surface-level references to concepts that can be vaguely classified as "deep", in an attempt to make their sense of humor seem more esoteric than it actually is.


Is either a low-key lolicon or is a Satan/Kirito/Bastard Samurai alt.

Or, you know, both.