What DSP moment(s) made you realize Phil is totally irredeemable? - And if you think otherwise, tell us any redeeming qualities you see.

Is Phil unredeemable?

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Monday Michiru

The Washing of Dishes
The Leanna hospital tell-all or the recent dox harvest probably came to mind for a lot of you. But jog your noggin to look for additional examples. Optimists welcome.

My honest conclusion is that Phil is pathological. Unable to truly change. His life will be nonstop "hate" from everywhere he seeks quarter because he can't look within, can't abandon his ego, and can't stand to lose. For some "detractors" it probably subtracts from the experience a bit to ponder there being no hand of god epiphany moment down the line, where Phil wises up and becomes a better person. But as a great man once said, "it is what it is."

OBVIOUSLY you don't have to be so formal, but these are my biggest "fuck this guy" moments:

1. Ask the King April 2015. Self-explanatory title. Seeing Phil's version of a then-private convo compared to the master recording is a good benchmark for judging his willingness to stretch the truth.

2. E3 2015 Bethesda reactions/Fallout 4 review copy drama vlog. The missed wedding. A lost tweet from Leanna shows her claiming that her brother is okay with it, and was made aware in July. Phil dipped by staying home to play Fallout, double-dipped by lying about it, and triple-dipped in his SOK RIP twitlonger, lying that there were swatting fears around the wedding.

3. Hate Live May 2017 "True MCN Story" (Laveria). 3 minutes to dress down this MCN for being unable to write a valid contract. He signed their "clearly bogus" final draft nevertheless. We then learn of his attempt to use the contract (the one he just explained posed no obligation to anyone) to strongarm the MCN back into granting him managed status NOW when they started bargaining for time. Sleazy.

37:35 - 40:22
34:19 - 34:46

4. I Might Lose My House You Guys, But I Can't Explain Why or How (2017). "UM, it doesn't sound like I'm the person you're looking for. This isn't a business. These are just some videos I upload to the internet, and a third party puts ads on them. snort" So Phil says he told the state revenue employee who first contacted him. Turned his back on pretty much everything he's proud of in an attempt to save his own ass.

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True & Honest Fan

This video. If you cannot do a unboxing video right there really is no point with bothering to watch any of your other material. That is when I realized he actually was this re,tared and not acting.

As for when phill himself become full cow and unable to change? That is hard to pin down to a singular moment. That said he is just too bitter and jaded by all of this to really go back.
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Jord Mort

Gotta Gotta Gotta Gotta Gotta
Ultra SFII. He started playing it, and he was bad. Every match was "laggy" and he'd always say hits were unearned. Then, if anyone in the chat dared have a differing opinion he'd call them functionally retarded and then ban them.

This is made worse by the fact that, every single time something wasn't the same as his busted port of Super Turbo that he was "so good at" over ten years ago, he'd go on a tirade about it. "Man, this isn't like Super Turbo, this is busted!" He treated the game like it was supposed to only be Super Turbo. It's the equivalent of someone playing Super Turbo and saying "this isn't vanilla SFII, what is this bullshit!"

It was like, any time he lost a match, or even took a hit, he was personally insulted. And when he was personally insulted, he made sure everyone around him got insulted too.


It's nothing purrsonal.
Blaming "jealous trolls" for getting him banned from blip.tv after he went full anti-Semite in Dead Space 2.
That incident in general, like as soon as I found out about him, that, along with all the other more minor stuff I already knew he'd done (like giving away empty game cases, insulting people for trying to get him to switch to direct capture) was when I realized he was irredeemable.

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