What events/plans of yours have been cancelled by corona-chan? -

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We were going to take our time and move in a leisurely fashion over the next month, get more painting/tile/carpet done at the new house innawoods.

Now we've got confirmed community spread in my immediate area, so all my plans to sit on the porch like every other poor and watch the crackheads and hoodrats mingle with the recently housebound have been replaced by hustling boxes and furniture as fast as possible.


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For the better part of a year I've been planning a pretty big road trip, camper van stuff. I was supposed to leave last week, head up to the Canadian border. All my gear is still just stacked up neatly in my hallway, I haven't had the heart to unpack it all yet. This was gonna be the big one.

Between that and not being able to hit the gym, I'm at a bit of a loss. Calisthenics suck and I really don't know what to do with all the momentum and expectation. There's a lot of bottled up energy. I think I might end up going on day hikes in the endless woods where I'm living, try to burn some of it off.


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I am suffering from hemorrhoids so now I can't have them removed.

Typically, one would pop out like a mischievous maiden on the cusp of womanhood and I would gently coax her back in. My anus resembles a springtime flower whose petals can no longer remain in bud but must flourish in the sun.

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I'm in Beijiing. Nothing has been open for months. I've been working from home but it's been dull as fuck. I was drinking far too much but I knocked it on the head after getting a three-day hangover. I'm growing my beard out- looking OK so far.
My wife was going to travel to another city but was told that if she does she'll probably be quarantined in a shitty government hotel. The one they had in Fujian collapsed and killed about seventy people who were being quarantined. Imagine surviving the Batflu only to have the roof fall in and kill you.

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Ugh my week long vacation - canceled. All my work stuff for the next two months - nixed. Thankfully I gave the federal government a nice interest free loan last year in the form of withheld income tax and they are still processing returns so things should be choice round here for a while.
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I saved up for a trip to Europe in May. Bought tickets and shit. That's out the window. Best case scenario I can get either a refund via the airlines or travel insurance (got the "cancel for any reason" insurance), or credit for a later date. (It's too early to get cancelled, but I'm anticipating it. If I cancel myself I'm not getting jack shit.) Until a vaccine is available to the public I'm not leaving the country. That can take a year minimum. I'm incredibly upset as I was going to meet online friends and the whatnot. This had been in the works for years. My sister is graduating from grad school in May and booked a graduation trip abroad. She's in a similar situation.

MomoCon was my May plan B. That's delayed as well. If DragonCon is delayed or cancelled in the coming months I'll be disappointed but not surprised.

I also managed to snag free tickets to a Taylor Swift performance in April. Obviously cancelled. I'm not as upset about that. But hey! Free concert! At least I didn't/wouldn't lose money on this one.

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It's really put a dent in my annual Chinese buffet/orgy combo event where the waitresses are all professional backroom masseuses fresh from Macau, lemme tell ya.


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If Chris was going to babscon I thought about following him and seeing if I could be the farms reporter on him and the con in general...again, but it wasn't just Corona chan that made me drop the idea. Too far away, too expensive to stay what with the out of control prices and frankly I survived Baltimore but I'd probably be posting from a Cali hospital. if it wasn't a discarded needle , it'd be Mexican gangbangers that send me to the hospital or morgue.

Yeah too bad seaQuestria already banned him but he never showed any interest anyway hell did he even say anything about the ban? 🤔


I was going to go to Japan in May, but that's no longer an option. But hopefully when this blows over, there'll be some good deals going.

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I work fro home already so nothing has really changed for me at all. I had been planning to visit my partner on the other side of the country but certain circumstances have it so I have to wait until another family member has returned from what was supposed to be a short vacation. Hopefully the flights are still dirt cheap by the time they get home.


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I was going to see a very close friend who I haven't seen in the flesh in over 5 years. He's in Manhattan. I'm hoping April is looking better.


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Working from home at this point, and a lot more than when I worked in the office.

I was looking forward to my birthday but that'll be a non-event under lockdown. In the long term my index funds have taken a beating, so house deposit is now even further away.

Ultimately I hope this whole thing demonstrates the current approach of sticking all the eggs in one basket is idiotic and that we stop doing it.


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I am suffering from hemorrhoids so now I can't have them removed.

Typically, one would pop out like a mischievous maiden on the cusp of womanhood and I would gently coax her back in. My anus resembles a springtime flower whose petals can no longer remain in bud but must flourish in the sun.
Thanks. I was wondering about your hemorrhoids. Thanks for the update.

I was going to get married dammit, but he turned out to be a convict currently in prison.