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Finally got a chance to actually fully play Metro 2033 Redux. Beat it just minutes ago. That fucking tower segment seems custom tailored to fuck with my acrophobia.
Still, fun game. Makes me want to try Last Light and Exodus (the latter when it comes to Steam because fuck Epic and their gay ass launcher.)
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Ace Combat Advance, that thing is a insult to the franchise honestly but my autism compelled me to finish it

God of Nothing

KOTOR 2 again after a long time since the first.

I'm somewhat confused by the ending but that's par for the course with any rushed game. Restored content mod at least gave something conclusive. Honestly hilarious how you make a big speech about being unable to take anyone you love with you before walking out with Atton. Hit even harder for me considering he was actually one of my favorite companions.

Hate how neutrality locks you out of prestige classes and the tomb on Korriban. I mean, for having Kreia preach all that ubermensch shit, that seems detrimental to the overall message. Then again, apathy is death. Besides that, I chose to go dark side this time around and actually liked the variance between chaotic stupid and Lawful-Neutral Evil choices.

The council scene if you spared all of the Jedi masters is better for that one change in Kreia's dialogue. It fit the way I played my Exile too well.

Tism the Return

tfw they misgender your name
Finished Jump Force. No, I didn't beat the game but I'm so done with this. Glad piracy is a thing and I didn't have to pay for it.

Baldur's Gait

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Beat Castlevania: Rondo of Blood's campaign for the first time since I finished high school. I love that game so much; it's my favorite of the Classicvania games. I want to go back and find some of the hidden stuff like the other two girls and the secret levels.

Bean Cheese

Return Of The Obra Dinn

Jesus fuck how has this game been mostly under the radar, it’s fantastic. Was 100% locked in the entire time.


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Beat Majesty.

Pretty solid game. Bit disappointed that the final master ranked levels weren't that hard.

Midlife Sperglord

Sperging over console gaming.
Crackdown 3 Campaign. Finished it on Hard, didn't bother trying to grab all of the orbs, but that game was satisfying and dumb in equal measure.


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In my exile because >communism i finished a long list of games going to put my opinions about them

Killer 7 (PC)

Just what the hell did i play? i did not understand anything and love it, hope CAPCOM want to continue it in some way

Assassin Creed: Origins and Chronicles Russia (PC)

Sadly this game was ok, but the fact that i installed the Gold edition that come with Op weapons and you can cheese everything with a good predator bow was a down for me, at least the 2 DLC's were cool, the second had the best levels i have see in a video game, Russia has the problem that they downplay the main character to force you to play with Anastasia that she has the same move set as Shao Jun from Chronicles:china instead of making you play as badass Nikolai

Psy-O-Blade (Mega Drive)

This is the only thing you need to know about it and only for that you should play it

Metroid: Other M (Wii)

I can understand the backlash this one had but not for the reasons the normal journalist stated, because ok, the reason of the suit upgrades that only works if Adam (and later you just activate it for the heck of it) order you to use it, but considering that in games like Prime the excuse that "lol you got hit by a rock in the ass, now you lose your powers" i think it was for the best, also i noticed that people like to blame Team Ninja when it was Nintendo that wrote the script, the game is good in his own way, and if you dont want a Emo Samus, play the japanese version that come with dual audio/subs, at least the voice actor make her look like a detached professional bounty hunter instead of the whiny girl that her american voice actor make her look like

And the game is a little to easy if you use a Xbox 360 Controller, if only Skyward sword let me play it like that

Star Trek Starfleet Academy Bridge Simulator (X32)

Should have played the SNES version imo, still people like to compare it with his PC cousin that included live action video with actors of the series like William Shatner, i think this was released when Next Generation was popular because Kirk is stated that is admiral and has 67 years that if iirc is the same he has before his disappearance in Star Trek Generations (Prime Series), is a good game if you can remember all the things that the interface include, is Papers please kind of complicate, for bonus it include scenarios straight for the movies like the Wrath of Khan, the undiscovered country and such


I finished Pepsiman today. Game was surprisingly fun, but difficult towards the end. Good thing I played it on an emulator with savestates. Bad thing I played it on ePSXe though, as there was no music during the stages, and I know Pepsiman has some kick as level music. Sound effects and main theme were there though, along with the goofy videos.

Also finished Sexy Parodius on ePSXe. No complaints about the emulation there, it was perfect.

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Mirror's Edge Catalyst. I forced myself to find all 1000000000 collectibles scattered around the map because of my uncontrollable OCD. I want to die.

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I finished Amber's Airline: 7 Wonders today. I'll give it credit for doing good gay representation that it wasn't bragged about a head of time and Ethel and Faith were characters first.

Ali della Fenice

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Mankind divided.
Was ok but felt inferior to human revolution, especially after they worked on it 4+ years.
Also unskippable credits are a joke.
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I've finally completed the Sly Cooper Trilogy on PS3.

Surprisingly, still holds up. Really love the jump from Thevius Raccoonus to Band of Thieves where, instead of wandering around a mostly barren overworld to find the level entrances, all the 'levels' are missions that all take place in the same overworld and lead up to the big heist at the end of every chapter. They kinda went overboard with the amount of characters to play as in Honor Among Thieves though, so maybe it's a good thing it stopped at three.

(Yes I know there's a fourth, but Suckerpunch didn't make it, so I don't care.)
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