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Samuel Roberts: Final Fantasy XIII-2
After a month since known this game from Techgara, I finally beat this Square Enix RPG last weekend, after reaching the game's finale (and one of the many endings) when I reviewed it back in 2015. Hot damn, I did not like the last few hours of that game. I went to one area to grind for hours, then returned to the final stage, overcame some terrible platforming puzzles and killed the same boss four times. There are some clever systems in FFXIII-2, like the ability to level up monsters and have them fight alongside you, a little like Pokemon. But past a certain point, the game is all busywork. It's all collectables, experience points and backtracking. I wanted it to be over so bad, and now realise why it took me over three years to return to the damn game.
Now I'm deliberating whether I want to put myself through Lightning Returns, the final game of the trilogy. The problem with XIII-2 is its characters aren't endearing to me in the way that FFX's or XV's are. This was like playing bad anime. It wasn't all bad by any means, but the finale tested my patience :lit:

Violence Jack

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did a pokemon yellow randomizer run to see if I could transfer the pokes to an emulated stadium save. Turns out you can't, but Gary had two glooms on his final team and my starter charizard learned guillotine due to randomized movesets so it wasn't a complete wash.
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Just finished Steins;Gate after a little under 30 hours and it was great. Being Okabe is suffering. There is one part of the end really stood out to me and I'm wondering if it even matters or gets addressed in Zero. It really seemed like it was something significant to me since there was a very specific thing said that doesn't come to be.
When Suzuha is talking about the theoretical Steins Gate world line she mentions that it should be something like -0.8XXXXXX with a bunch of other numbers I can't remember for the Xs. You still end up in a 1.1/0XXXXXX worldline though. Obviously there are differences and everybody's circumstances seem much better than any of the other ones, but that really struck me as odd when it got to the end of the credits. Makes me think that you still didn't necessarily end up on the correct/projected one.
I'll play it soon enough anyway and find out but its all I was thinking about during the epilogue.
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Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered. Halfway through the Tyranny of King Washington DLC but the main story's been 100%-ed.
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Beaten the Hardtype hack for SMT: Nocturne.

I've gotta agree with what people say about it as the definitive version of that game. If you haven't played the game, definitely get a PS2 emulator and play it through this.

But for god's sake if it's your first time playing the game, play on Normal. The early game on Hard is an absolute slog to get through.
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Finished Shadowbringer's main story quest. Sucks hard knowing I gotta wait 3+ months for continuation of the story. The whole last zone+dungeon and then final boss, yeah..I stuck with WoW for 14 years but nothing in it had that kind of emotional impact for me.

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Just finished a game called Super Blue Boy Planet on Steam, its a short and a somewhat challenging platformer, albeit a bit short, just finished in less than half an hour, but hey, its free and has 8 achievements, so i can't complain

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persona Q2. i really liked the theme of the game and the message it was trying to tell that its ok to be different not a total sheep. the gameplay was solid and fun to explore. the soundtrack is fucking amazing if you into englrish rap or pop and it looks really good for a 3ds game. play it.
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I'm about to wrap up the Max Payne trilogy (3 is so good, wish multi was not dead)
About to epic win as yellow turban commies in 3 Kingdoms Total War

I'm about to finish Dark Souls for the first time. I'm at Gwyn, the last boss. Definitely one of the most frustrating but rewarding games I've played and I can appreciate why people like them so much.
Im genuinely happy for you. its always a good feeling when you beat a SoulsBorne game.

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