What happened to love and relationships?

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Harbinger of Kali Yuga

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Nov 14, 2017
I clearly am out of touch due to my own inability to connect with other Millennials and their endless love of Marvel and fast food, and due to recent events in my life it appears that apparently now you're the weirdo or creep for assuming making out, kissing, etc implies any romantic intent at all and the default assumption should now be you're just having a fun time, and anything else is weird.

Am I wrong?

Did something change?

Am I autistic?

I'm all for sex but from my POV, it feels like people have gotten very cold. It's one thing to fuck someone you don't want to be with forever, it's another to treat them entirely like a piece of meat. But that's what people seem to do. Is this a city person thing? Every thing I hear out of people's mouths regarding relationships has started to fill me with disgust, and I'm someone that has eaten a porn star's asshole before.

Red Hood

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Jan 15, 2018
Honestly, meaningless sexual outlets are easy and common and available. Intimacy and trust take time and work to build. A lot of people now are more obsessed with their consoomer hobbies in lieu of genuine love (or even platonic friendships, for that matter).

We've devalued it basically.


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Jun 11, 2016
Implying anyone here has any actual experience with real people relationships.

Also eww, why did you eat her ass? That’s where poop comes from.