What has a lolcow ruined for you? -


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Just kids being kids. Being a kid obsessed with what was trending back then you tend to like stuff like Pokemon and Sonic for example. People naturally cringe at stuff they've done in the past but it seems like adults just acting like children make it ten times worse. You look at lolcows for certain things they've done and they did the same shit and behaved the same as you when you were 9. I get that low-functioning autism gives them the mind of a child but it just seems like they've made no effort to go outside of their comfort zone and then proceed to blame everyone else when they fuck up.

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On the one hand they ruined my view I've had of people in general even further.
On the other hand they taught me who to avoid in real life by quite obvious signs.

Philosophical bullshit aside: Sonic.
I was such a huge Sonic fan as a child, now I can't even look at the games without cringing internally.


Far worse than you.
they ruined:
>undertale(followed it in development.)
>the possibility of me going to a comic con
>being myself
>My childhood
>most animes
>The possibility of going on deviantart
>dating anyone who is into anime(Which sucks. Seems like females who like anime are fucked up.)
>Sonic( used to enjoy sonic adventure.)

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Nothing. Once, long ago, retards could ruin anything for me. But then I started lurking on the Farms. And eventually I joined the Farms. I am now immune to lolcows ruining things for me. If anything, some tard sperging about shit make me enjoy MORE things.

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AGP cows have ruined the trans movement for me. There was a time I was a proud ally of that movement, and I was more than willing to die on my proverbial sword so that my trans 'friends' could have 'their rights.'

About half a year of lurking and a bit of time on this forum, and that's all changed. I can't even look my former friends in the eye without feeling disgusted.


Osomatsu-san has one of the most repulsive fanbases I've ever interacted with. I used to find the show pretty funny but now I can't even look at those john arbuckle sextuplets without thinking of disgusting incest porn and dogfuckers.
Other than that I'm fine. I like a ton of things that have absolutely vile fandoms and most of the time it doesn't bother me.

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I have a novel take:
They have ruined brand/celebrity/creator - fan interactions. Considering fandom are full of super enabled weirdos, the staff becomes distant to the fandom in general. It's a process that repeats itself, but there will be the weird guy who asks the voice actor a bit too much about signing his porn prints and whoops there goes the friendly audio tidbits for the fans.

Not good.


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They kind of ruined my poltical outlook, and frankly the entire human race. I used to have real beliefs and ambitions about making soicety better through various ways, but when I realized we'd have to take these tumorous people into account in any possible scenario for a society that cares about taking care of people, and having to figure out what to do with diaper-shitting brony pedophiles finally broke my brain and turned me into a violent asshole who just wants to get drunk and hide in a bunker. Prefereably surrounded by razor wire, armed guards and hungry attack dogs on meth.

Yeah, you can send me responses like "just shoot them all" but they're like cockroaches. For every one you see there's hundreds you don't. You think you know your boss, or your best friend, or your lover? Do you really know what sick shit is lurking in their hearts? Are you sure? Its just a matter of time until someone catches them slamming it to something fundamentally fucking wrong and leaks it either here or elsewhere.

Fuck the human race.