What has a lolcow ruined for you? -


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Most anime that got popular on Tumblr. I'm starting dislike BNHA more and more (I never loved it to begin with but it's alright for what it is), I might never watch Sailor Moon or continue Danganronpa. They also ruined shows like Good Omens for me. Whenever I try to watch any of these I get reminded of the lovecraftian-nightmare drawings some of the users upload there.


While nothing's been 'ruined' for me per-say, I'm now a bit more wary of admitting I enjoy things aimed at kids, like Disney properties (especially the MMOs) or even MLP, which I haven't even watched in years. I'm just more into the character design aspect of it. Though, I will say the DDLG community made the word 'daddy' a lot less innocent sounding. Eugh.

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I can't even watch the anime Re:Zero considering how Felix has been made into some trans icon by some of the most idiotic trans people around.

(even though Felix is canonically a trap and not transgender)
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I wouldn't say anything is ruined for me, but the dumb lolcow political mentalities have made me constantly reassess and think through any opinion I may form before speaking them aloud.

I also think lolcows made me double down on my hatred of cosplay girls. Momokun has made me realize that even if I have a preference for full bodied chubby/thicc girls, all it takes is the perfect combination of words for me to not only feel zero attraction for a woman; but to see them as disgusting.

All the exceptional trannies have made it very difficult to even want to support their cause because as it seems for every 1 decent trans person there are 50 insane ones. To make matters worse they seem to band together very well.

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Nothing ruined, because that would be silly, but it is hard to admit publicly that I'm an adult fan of MLP. I just really enjoy the show and agree with the idea that yes, friendship IS magic. I even kind of like the weird Equestria Girls franchise where they're all in High School. Crazy fandoms made being a pegasister a bad thing.

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I usually end up ditching people quickly when they move into lolcow territory. No matter what, they end up overextending themselves trying to go partner and become assholes.


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The Neptunia franchise. Although i wasn't that into it by the end, now it's just Chris Chan-tier.

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Not really lolcows per se, but Adam Carolla and Dr Drew Pinsky from the old Loveline radio show ruined something for me. Whenever a young woman or teenage girl called in the show with a voice that sounded like a little girl or Betty Boop, Adam and Drew would put her on hold to place a bet and give her a number usually from 4 to 10. The number wasn’t about how annoying or cute her voice was but the age that she was molested.

Also, furries ruined institutional, corporate, and sport team mascots.