What has a lolcow ruined for you? -


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Chris Chan once ruined Fanta for me. For years I would feel revolted seeing anything Fanta, because one time he said he likes drinking Fanta mixed with his cum. There is actual picture proof that he did this.

I drink Fanta any time I feel like it because it is ridiculous to allow your view of a beverage to be influenced by the actions of a retard. If you allow tards to influence your choice of a beverage, you are a creature known as a cuck.


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To some extent, anime. I had a pretty big love of it as far kids that watched Toonami and early Adult Swim go. Even watched some OVAs on VHS and streamed some shows on that short lived streaming service Toonami Reactor. Then, some time towards the late '00s, anime and its fans got weirder. It had always been offbeat and kinda nerdy, but it seems like the worst aspects of the fandom got even more exaggerated around that time.

And obviously, there's no shortage of weaboo cows.