What has a lolcow ruined for you? -


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Chris Chan once ruined Fanta for me. For years I would feel revolted seeing anything Fanta, because one time he said he likes drinking Fanta mixed with his cum. There is actual picture proof that he did this.

I drink Fanta any time I feel like it because it is ridiculous to allow your view of a beverage to be influenced by the actions of a retard. If you allow tards to influence your choice of a beverage, you are a creature known as a cuck.


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To some extent, anime. I had a pretty big love of it as far kids that watched Toonami and early Adult Swim go. Even watched some OVAs on VHS and streamed some shows on that short lived streaming service Toonami Reactor. Then, some time towards the late '00s, anime and its fans got weirder. It had always been offbeat and kinda nerdy, but it seems like the worst aspects of the fandom got even more exaggerated around that time.

And obviously, there's no shortage of weaboo cows.


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There really isn't any particular thing that lolcows have ruined for me. So what if Funimation went tits up and is now fucking exceptional? They haven't been a good anime licensing company since ~2010. Their BD releases are now completely devoid of extra features and cost an exorbitant amount of money. The whole Weeb Wars fiasco basically just made me torrent/stream Funimation shit whenever I can and just buy Sentai whenever possible... or alternatively, ADV/Geneon/Bandai in the case of older shows that Funi got the license to recently.

With that said, the transgressions of actual creators who've made things I actually like however, have ruined shit for me. Used to be such a huge fan of Rurouni Kenshin until Nobuhiro Watsuki got outed as paedophile and now looking back at the series makes me see a lot of shit that wasn't there before. Implications and so forth.

And obviously, there's no shortage of weaboo cows.

I'm surprised that ForneverWorld doesn't have a thread here considering how TAS and Digibro do. ForneverWorld alone basically makes me hate any popular shonen series he talks about because he'll go on and on about how great it is until it does something that pisses him off and then he'll make a thousand videos on why that series was shit from the get-go even though he spent the previous thousand videos praising it for depth that was never there in the first place.

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I drink Fanta any time I feel like it because it is ridiculous to allow your view of a beverage to be influenced by the actions of a retard. If you allow tards to influence your choice of a beverage, you are a creature known as a cuck.
I bet he doesn't even spice his Fanta with Navy. Imagine letting Chris ruin that for you as well.
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@OP - I'm not a comic nerd or even a fan, but I've worked with some high profile comic artists in the course of a game I worked on as a developer, and been to some of their get togethers. It definitely veers toward the ultra, ultra autistic. And I say that as a programmer, which is saying a lot. I can't get into the fucking minutiae of their fantasy world of alternate escapist bullshit. But having said that I don't think they'd be able to make comics any other way. That's their nerd world. I don't understand it but no one made me God to sit in judgment on them. And they do create some fantastic fucking shit out of their scrambled brains. So on the whole, comics? Never was interested, but I wouldn't say they're ruined.

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This is funny. There's actually a local word in Spain: "comprafantas". The literal translation is "Fanta buyer". It's what they call a douche boy that chicks keep around to buy them drinks, but who they'd never fuck.
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Lolcows associated with communism have ruined everything for me.



Not really, but the name Jacques gives me chills down my spine because I feel bad for the people she manipulated, including one of our own.

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lolcows didn't ruin things for me but fixed my almost-autsitic behaviors when i obsess over a new hobby/ interest. that sense of things getting ruined was just my embarrassment of my past behaviors.

as many of you it changed my perception of mental illness and LGBT but i think that old perception was just naiveness. in a way I'm grateful for lolcows lol.