What has a lolcow ruined for you? -


Trial by Fire! Trial by Fire!
If they ruined anything, I dropped it a long time ago because I simply didn't like it as much as I thought I would. I'd love to go into examples, but I'd be here all day.
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lmao bottom text
the entire 'redpill' idea

at its core it was primarily about telling men that acting like sleazy Nice Guys is a bad idea and not the way to go to win women over, and that they should go lift weights and develop some proper confidence instead.
but over the years it became the core of a bunch of exceptional cow-ish communities of rejects - first the PUAs and their ridiculous shit, then the MRAs and their endless rants about feminism, then the MGTOW and their whiny tantrums, and finally the incels and their extreme misogyny.

now 'redpill' is only good as an ironic meme word, almost anybody using it seriously is an embarrassment. it's a shame, because the core ideas are still just as valid and useful as before, but now they are permanently associated with all this dumb autism, so you can no longer recommend it to people in good faith.
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Glad I couldn't help

Now with edge anime avatar
Me, B.C. (Before Cows): I see ad with cute, innocent cartoon animals and I think, "hmm, that's amusing"

Me, A.D. (After Discovery (of Cows)): I see ad with cute, innocent cartoon animals and I think, "WTF IS THIS DEGENERACY WHO MADE THIS SHIT THEY NEED TO FIRED [REEEEEE INTERNALLY]"

I ... I want to go back.

Amber the Hedgehog

Fanfics are unfortunately kinda getting there. I love fanfics, they are my trashy romance novels with shirtless men on the cover. Most on lover quality (with occasional true jem) but made with passion or for joining in on the fun. My entertainment comfort food but unfortunately the tumblr SJW art style thing is more and more there too. Biggest issues being unnecessary trannies, “enthusiastic consent”, oppression fetish and “right side of history”.

A cute fic about two male characters from a canon getting together and bam. One of the guys will walk accidentally on the other guy with a binder (and it’s always a binder, no other sign will do) and now it’s about that for a chapter or two. Even though him being FtM makes no sense and will have no real affect on the fanfic’s story. Plus if the canon character has been seen without shirt regularly or otherwise has had their biological gender confirmed.

AU story set a historical or fantasy society with large power imbalances, strict gender norms, slavery and other unmodern attitudes. Is this going to be something interesting about how canon character relationships or issues being different in this environment? Don’t worry all the good guys are totally for female, gay and sex worker rights, and are completely supportive with modern psychological therapy, paying for schooling and helping with out of wedlock pregnancy. They are going ask really nicely and no pressure for everybody’s full consent before anything romantic or sexy will happen. Plus there is a nonbianery character who’s pronauns and gender identity is completely respected by everyone who isn’t a bad guy (who also kicks puppies and raped somebody).


Chocolate cake - for more than a year.

My birthday came around and my mom said, "I'm going to make you your favorite choc-----" Me: NOOOOoooOOO :gag gag: NOOOoooooOOOOOOOOO,

I can eat it now if I have to, but Chris's goddamn ass still haunts the experience.


I don't know if KF ruined it so much for me as it just made me notice its a legitimate thing to be wary of, but: trans women (or more precisely how their community shields their own even in the face of serious allegations). I guess this could be said for any group but this is the one that stuck due to running ins off this website.

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