What have you been banned for? - Kickin' the Autistic: Internet Edition


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I told a webcomic author who was known to instaban anyone who criticized his work or himself just how fucking terrible his off-storyline pornographic side-comix that he sells are. My critique was pretty honest and tbh dead on accurate, but I pretty much knew what the result was gonna be no matter how right I was.
Immediately made me think of david willis.

Banned multiple times from etsy and ultra banned from ebay, it was for peddling hand painted merch that may have been "inspired" by disney characters. I just did the painting but my IP got caught up in it all.


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A true story:

>find a webcomic/animation series, Secret of Mana Theater, built out of sprites from the game as was popular back in the early '00s
>start watching it weekly
>creator begs for gibs and starts selling homemade pins
>I buy one
>they're literally just plastic "make your own" pins from a kit and inkjet-printed Secret of Mana sprites, this probably isn't even legal but whatever, they weren't worth like $10 + shipping either
>join the forum
>Sword of Mana had just come out
>creator spoils the big twist as if it was nothing just a couple of days after the game came out
>"Woah there pardner you shouldn't be a-spoilin' games for people, a lot of people haven't even played it through yet"
>creator bans me from the forum

also while making sure I wasn't doxxing myself I found out his site is still up, and he still has a link to his Livejournal on there that he hasn't updated in 11 years, and there's this:


hahahaha, fucker


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Recently, my Discord account got disabled because I joined a newly made Incel server to troll, observe, and screencap some shit for the Incel thread on KF, but Discord pretty much wiped out the server and everyone who was a member on that server as well including me.

So fuck. Welp. Never doing that shit again.
Make a throwaway, dumbass. I make burners whenever I do stuff like that.
Hey. How'd you like it if you were robbed?


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Got permabanned from a Facebook group I liked because the admin claimed I derailed topics and people hated me, but then refused to give any examples. Pet theory of mine was I pissed off one of the admin's friends in the group somehow and he looked for an excuse. Just like real jobs!

There was another forum (for a certain video game) where there was some prolific shitposter that just posted things like "great pics everyone" or whatever (I'm not sure if they actually had content), and I got banned for a week for suggesting that the poster was a bot.

I got a 3-day universal ban from 4chan for posting a picture of dog meat (from some shithole country's market) in a pitbull thread. The janny claimed it was gore.
I got a 4 week suspension form a popular comic book movie site for saying in didn't like the casting of Laurence Fishburne in Man of Steel because I don't like race swapping in movies. I didn't even use a "But his name is Perry White" joke.
If I told you why I got banned it would reveal my identity and I'd probably get banned. Although I had a lot of fun at the time seeing how much I could poke the bear.

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I got Ip banned from Yelp for writing a review noting how much better my neighborhood was now that a (gangbanger hangout) nonessential business has been closed for Covid-19, which I referred to as Coonrid-19.

Also I may have mentioned I hoped it burned down before the country reopens. Oopsie me.

I was using a Honolulu server as my vpn, so clicky clicky I was right back in. I'm like herpes, bitch.
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I was banned from 4chan's /co/ board for off-topic discussion. I was just pointing out a new shitposter that's been popping up and being a horny motherfucker.
I finished a 15 day chat ban on War Thunder, then got a 15 day chat ban yesterday for calling a someone a "chink bot" because they beelined right into the spawn for some cheap kills. I fucking hate my warthunder addiction.