What have you been banned for? - Kickin' the Autistic: Internet Edition

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I get banned from 4chan all the time for triggering the tranny jannies. The reasons they give are always hilarious, because 9/10 times I haven't broken any actual rules so they just slap some complete nonsense down as the ban reason and then I can't appeal because it's only three days.

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I was banned from multiple gaming forums for getting into arguments and being a contrarian. Then I would ban evade. At one point It got so bad that if some even mentioned liking a certain game they would be insta banned on the spot because they thought it was me.

Then I got banned for calling a guy kike 9000 no idea why I called him that but I was like 11 at the time so who knows.


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I got banned for one week from the Desert Bus thread, in the TSIC, for standing in solidarity with @Y2K Baby who was banned for refusing to vote in a “mandatory” poll. There was some serious drama, hijinks, and subterfuge when more vroomers joined the cause, got banned, and @Rat Speaker and @José Mourinho had us believing that an overlooked Xenforo glitch had possibly led to us being permabanned. I can laugh about it now, but the mental scars will remain. Shitposting is srs bizness.
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Got banned from youthink.com ie the forum of iambored.com in the early or mid 2000s, don't remember why, probably shit posting on someone's journal. Idiots would join the site and not know that journals get added to a public forum list so they'd post cringey shit and get mad when they realized everyone could read and comment on it. Usually it made for some good trolling but I guess I angered the wrong person that time.
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Oh, I got one more story: a Discord ban story.

I was banned on a media-related server because my nickname was "dick the hardly" and it's a no NSFW chat...and having a nickname which implies anything phallic is somehow fucking NSFW. That was the day I learned that Discord is filled with faggot janny mods.