What have you been banned for? - Kickin' the Autistic: Internet Edition


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I made a lot of ancap jokes that got me muted, the final straw was me saying what amounted to the unabomber was right. I got my first and so far only permaban from a discord server because of that. Some of the mods were fags but some were actually pretty cool. It was a defense discussion server and filled with a lot intelligent people. But it had a commie problem.

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I wonder if they actually seen Trevor Phillips? You'd expect GTA fanboys to have thicker skin.
Are you kidding? People who obsess over GTA are drooling babies barely out of the womb.

I like the games too, but they have the absolute worst core fanbase imaginable.
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Not so much a ban but I got a warning for racism on 4chan's Pokemon board. I said that, if Tencent forces GF to base the next mainline region after China, they and the whole damn country should be turned into a glass parking lot for this crime against gaming.
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Years back on this site, I got banned for derailing the first brony thread with another user. After the ban was lifted, I learned to be slightly less autistic but ask any old guard, I'm pretty sure I'm still an autistic sperg and all.

Even further back elsewhere during the second term of Bush Jr., I managed to make my first forum post on Newgrounds and got banned for a while since that first post was a thread on Bush. Whole thing was badly worded that I wouldn't be surprised if the reason a mod locked and banned me was due to the shit spelling that would of made people. Also got review banned for a two weeks by the brother of the sites owner simply saying to some flash artist "you suck" on a flash movie that had a low score and by now is likely deleted from the site.