What have you been banned for? - Kickin' the Autistic: Internet Edition

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I got banned for one week from the Desert Bus thread, in the TSIC, for standing in solidarity with @Y2K Baby who was banned for refusing to vote in a “mandatory” poll. There was some serious drama, hijinks, and subterfuge when more vroomers joined the cause, got banned, and @Rat Speaker and @José Mourinho had us believing that an overlooked Xenforo glitch had possibly lead to us being permabanned. I can laugh about it now, but the mental scars will remain. Shitposting is srs bizness.
Good fucking time fren.

I got "perma" banned from KF for 3 months for excessive community in-fighting, was let back with heavy restrictions some of which took two years to get removed. Lol.

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Remembered another - got a few accounts banned from HiddenWorld a text-based rpg for being an annoying kid in the Inn (where you rest your character and do rp).
An ancient text-based game was the only thing I can remember ever being banned from, actually. I played some sort of mage, and moved a cauldron of boiling oil from a higher-level area (with the help of a spell to lower the weight of this otherwise near-immovable object) to a newbie area. I then cast another spell to create some floating letters in the air saying that the cauldron had treasure inside, then turned invisible and waited. Sure enough, new players would come along, read the message, and enter the cauldron of boiling oil and die. One of them actually survived the resulting massive damage, but then he entered again and died. (In his defense, you got a message saying that you didn't find anything in the boiling oil this time, but you were free to try again.)

But that wasn't why I was actually banned, though. That was just a more creative variation on the sort of thing that went on all the time in that game. This was a game where they had to raise the cost of the skill to dig a pit trap by 1900% after a well-known high level player literally covered the city map with them, and removed the ability to vote in a sheriff after another well-known high level player used his sheriff ability to cuff players to incapacitate them and steal all their stuff. No, the real reason I was banned was that after becoming a coder, I coded an object capable of impersonating private direct messages from any player (including admins and players that didn't even exist) to any other player, and these were indistinguishable from the real thing to the recipient (appearing in their message history). I think I might have also spied on some people for entertainment, but I'm not sure. Anyway, I was young and dumb and deserved my ban. I definitely had a very confused player attempting to talk to Jesus though. Although in my defense, this was a game that made the infamous "Confessions of an Archwizard" available to players as a helpfile to make sure that nobody would expect the admin to be remotely fair, responsive, or even competent.

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Seemingly IP banned from Twitter for making fun of trannies and fags losing their shit over chicken sandwiches. I'm pretty convinced Twitter "support" is run by bots and just nukes any accounts receiving enough reports regardless of content.

Have been banned from Facebook up to the 30 day level. I assume the next one is permanent. For making fun of trannies and gays losing their shit over chicken sandwiches, suggesting antifa members should neck themselves, posting silly Hitler memes.

Way back in the day I received a short ban on a music forum for mocking a user's disabled brother. The admin, who I was friendly with let me back after a halfhearted apology.

Banned from a couple subreddits. One for "advocating murder" by suggesting that Canada would be better off dropping Jessica Yaniv into the ocean. Another for saying the heavy metal scene is infected with dildo riding virtue signalers.


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Been in Facebook jail more times I can count - guessing, there is a note on my account - "unrepentant recidivist, purge in first wave".
Got threadbanned from KF NZ boogaloo thread within 15 minutes of creating the account.
Been banned from one pub in London for a month for "being involved in a fight", but it was me, who got assaulted - MET faggots tried to charge me with GBH even. There's also a pub, where I got banned for life for constantly calling a specific barman a faggot, but they forgot about it after couple of months:)
Most recently I've been banned from dozens of YouTube livestream chats undeservedly for alleged wrongthink and/or trolling.

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I used to visit a forum for a specific thing.
They wanted to add new sections so I've suggested things closely related to the main thing.
Instead, they put in sections about cars, bling etc. so I mocked them hard for it and they couldn't handle it.
I never went back and I don't miss it.
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I like to screw with people on twitch and I have been banned from several channels. My latest one was from Billy Mitchell's channel. I asked during a stream if a Donkey Kong killscreen was coming up. No response until a minute later someone said maybe later. I then asked "Will it be live or another VHS recording?" Five seconds later I was banned by a mod.


Banned on multiple Twitter accounts for being TERF-scum.

FB jail x 2 for using the phrase "white trash."

Kicked off a parenting forum for saying Canadians are not very nice and actually assholes.
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I used to keep getting banned from AOL because the people on the forum I was visiting would get mad at my opinions and report me for TOS violations. I kept getting new accounts. Under one particular incendiary fake name, I would post things like semi-dirty limericks, and fill up the folders when I got mad at them-- the folders had limited space. Then I reported a few of them and got them banned, but that was bad, because it wasn't supposed to happen to them. I went to a related convention and the situation deteriorated into some of them threatening to have me extradited to another state over a "missing" souvenir that had been a free giveaway. Doll people are hysterical.

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I got banned from a Facebook group about the British sitcom Bottom and another British comedy-related facebook group
because of me posting too many pictures of my fanart. I vaguely remember deleting some of the art before I got the notification that I had been banned.

that was stupid of me to do

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I got banned from several Reddit things for posting spoilers/insulting people/telling the truth, a Discord server for calling the founder a fag who had forgotten what had made him famous (I also got him to flip his shit at me live on stream once), and pointing out that, though he had 100k subscribers, his videos struggled to crack 1k. I got banned on /tv/ for a few days for posting an offensive meme as well, the meme's attached below.



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