What have you been banned for? - Kickin' the Autistic: Internet Edition

Arkancide Pact

I'm well behaved so I have never ever been banned from anything ever. Certainly not more than once. Well only a couple times. I mean, it was a setup, plus they deserved it. I definitely never ban evaded though. That would be wrong.

Surf and TERF

I got banned from a keto discord for complaining when a mod did an @everyone just to talk about a new online calculator. Not a formal complaint, just a snarky comment in the chat. The ban came from the same mod who did the mass tagging. Most people on that server were actually really nice, but that particular guy was insufferable and constantly jerking off his ego.
I don't really get banned much. I guess I'm just not cool enough. I did once get banned from an age restricted forum for saying I was 12. I was 12.

IRL I'm barred from a chain of hotels because the maid walked in on me snorting coke.

I'm also not allowed with 300 yards of a school.


Just A Fox
Speaking German in an English chat room ( I didn't even say anything bad )
Saying "Second Life" while playing Active Worlds back-in-the-day
Banned a second time from Active Worlds for asking how much the company was going to be sold for
Banned from Ebay for searching for too many chemicals in 1 day
IP banned from original Neopets for hacking their crappy flash games

Edit: I almost forgot - I'm permanently blocked from using that FaceBook social plugin thing some web sites like using. I tweaked too many people off apparently.
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Not counting getting swept up in bot autobans:

-For violating a "no porn" rule after the owner of the site tried to use mental gymnastics as to why a pic of a dead cat is porn. I was trolling while not violating his rules and that was the best he could come up to get rid of me. I started making fun of him on a flame forum for being a cat fucker and watched them come over and have a meltdown about it. it was a good week.

-For trolling some fat mexican lady that was calling everybody a pedophile. i produced a screenshot showing she chased her toddler grandkid around with a straponm and she went fucking ballistic. I milked that lolcow for years.

TL;DR got banned for trolling
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I got banned from Spoony's old forums for, admittedly, being a total dick head troll.

I got into disagreements with some folk in the wrestling section and one of them said "Stop being a troll!" and I pulled a Bugs Bunny with "of course you realize, this means war" and basically went ape shit crazy to show them "Motherfucker, that wasn't trolling. THIS is trolling".

They hated me. It was great, lol.

Surprisingly, it took them a while to ban me. I know TSE had the reputation for being ban crazy, but it took them a while to get rid of me as I was pretty much able to be pure chaos in the wrestling section of the forum. The hate for me was so strong, one guy was attending a wrestling show and had my forum username on a sign and one of the other posters said "Don't validate him by putting his name on a sign that might make it to TV" or something to that extent, lol.
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I was banned on a forum I was a part of for 13 years for calling out some of the site admins for being obvious hypocrites about the "no politics allowed" rule. They allowed politics, but only theirs.
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Slimy Time

Rape Face #4
Banned from Reddit New-Zealand thread after Tarrant when some smug fedora tipper started talking about how only principled enlightened individuals who have an IQ over 130 should be allowed to vote, how gun possession should be completely criminalised and how Jarden was Christ reincarnate. Got into a spergy shit flinging match with this genius who was so convinced that law would never be abused and how they passed the IQ test. IIRC I ended it with saying Tarrant fucked up and should have shot up his home instead, so that was my ass banned from there.

Also got banned from r/Drama though don't know why.

Oscar Wildean

Not Stephen Fry.
True & Honest Fan
I almost got banned from a forum I was on because I made a thread called "want to see a dead body?" and I posted a picture of a dead guy who was impaled on a fence.
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I knew I was about to get banned from a forum (I was about to ask for a ban after arguing with the site owner one time too many because he was deleting my threads). I found a php script that let me go through my entire post history (several years and hundreds of posts) and edit them en masse. So naturally I replaced them all with goatse.

I later found out from someone who left later that the admins couldn't mass-delete my posts because it would delete every thread I was OP for, dozens of threads including some of the most popular ones on the site. So they had to manually mod edit every single post, staring at Goatse for hours as they did so. That was way more chaos than I expected to cause and I derived great satisfaction from it.


So, a few years ago, the folks running Armored Warfare thought it was a good idea to celebrate Veterans' Day by giving a free, pimped out version of a T-62 (or something older than it, I actually forgot the exact model). Now, there was hardly anything wrong with this: It rapes the lesser APCs and shit, it was free, and it's coded to print more shekels than the regular version. The only problem was that this was an Soviet tank that was used to celebrate an American holiday and this was triggering for the resident autists who were selling the damned thing.

I, being a humble troll, asked what was up with the tard rage on their forums and dropped the mic. I came back to my thread a few days later to see my thread locked, people whining about the Red Scare, and I got a soft warning not to do that again.

But I got an official warning from them for calling artillery "skycancer" and praising that shit.
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Kiwi Lime Pie

Tastefully gobbled. 🥝🥧🐈
I once received a tempban in a chat room for trolling a tryhard edgelord.

Said edgelord joined and claimed he'd do anything people told him to do. Convinced the guy wasn't serious, I flippantly suggested he execute a command that would erase his hard drive to prove he was simply an attention seeker with no plans to do any of the stuff being suggested. A moderator got mad, warned me, "Don't ever say that again in here or I'll ban you!" and then decided to ban me for the rest of the day a minute later.

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