What have you been banned for? - Kickin' the Autistic: Internet Edition


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On Rizon IRC they have this channel where once you join, you can't leave (the server forces you to rejoin) until some specific time or whatever, like they make some kind of game out of it. It wasn't really a huge deal but I thought it was kind of gay and annoying, so I made a trigger such that any time I joined the channel, I would immediately leave again. Of course this resulted in me joining and leaving rapidly over and over. I got a network tempban for join-part flooding. To be quite fair, I was only doing the half of it. They could have stopped their bit. I was only there for one channel that I didn't give a shit about anymore, so I just didn't go back.


being a nazi in a forum full of people who say that stalin did nothing wrong he was just an underachiever and now those same people claim they're in an alt right shithole of a forum moderated by trannies and tranny enablers

repeatedly spamming varg and church burning memes (all churches MUST be burned in the name of odin)

spoiling the matrix for a bunch of butthurt faggots (reaching way back for this one)

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As a young troublemaker I was banned off of a Christian youth forum for linking to divine-interventions.com.

I got kicked out of a random Facebook group that I really had no business being in in the first place when someone got very offended over the phrase white girl wasted. She had built up a full head of steam so I called her a nigger to see what would happen and what happened was I got banned.

Also lolcow.farm accused me of being a guy a few months ago and I have no idea what the hell was even going on.


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Got banned off multiple Minecraft Pocket Edition servers.

-one time was because i called out a server owner who allowed a this guy who both of us hate each other. I said all the shitty stuff he done and was banned. I went on a random name i created instead, re joined the server and secretly went up the ranks to unban myself. They never noticed...

-Another server because the server owner was stream advertising on a few streams and i went to complain firstly about that and secondly about the spawn which wasn't that nice.

There are a few others but i don't want to get into them since they all somehow link up to my first point.

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Only Canada, the couple of times I was banned for bullshit reasons on SA by the catladies (and mccain) doesn't count, I took it to Fragmaster who after some arguing always went "urgh, fine" and I didn't have to buy a new account. He seemed fairly reasonable but that might be because the mods and other admins were insane.

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3 week ban on 4chan for posting leafys dox.

Facebook accounts deleted for hate speech.

Banned from reset era for downplaying transphobia.

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I got banned for asking which gave off more gassy products; Chipolte, Taco Bell or Hitler.

I then later got banned for using a meme that I once used before with a guy holding a cat "look mittens, a faggot"

both were on Facebook.

I then got banned off of RecRoom VR for calling my black friend a Nigger in Rec Royale.
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Best I can really think of is getting banned off quite a few discord servers for raiding: me and a couple of other autists just joined and spammed shocker images until we were banned.

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