What have you been banned for? - Kickin' the Autistic: Internet Edition

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As a young troublemaker I was banned off of a Christian youth forum for linking to divine-interventions.com.

I got kicked out of a random Facebook group that I really had no business being in in the first place when someone got very offended over the phrase white girl wasted. She had built up a full head of steam so I called her a nigger to see what would happen and what happened was I got banned.

Also lolcow.farm accused me of being a guy a few months ago and I have no idea what the hell was even going on.
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Oh fuck what now...
Got banned off multiple Minecraft Pocket Edition servers.

-one time was because i called out a server owner who allowed a this guy who both of us hate each other. I said all the shitty stuff he done and was banned. I went on a random name i created instead, re joined the server and secretly went up the ranks to unban myself. They never noticed...

-Another server because the server owner was stream advertising on a few streams and i went to complain firstly about that and secondly about the spawn which wasn't that nice.

There are a few others but i don't want to get into them since they all somehow link up to my first point.
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Only Canada, the couple of times I was banned for bullshit reasons on SA by the catladies (and mccain) doesn't count, I took it to Fragmaster who after some arguing always went "urgh, fine" and I didn't have to buy a new account. He seemed fairly reasonable but that might be because the mods and other admins were insane.

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I got banned for asking which gave off more gassy products; Chipolte, Taco Bell or Hitler.

I then later got banned for using a meme that I once used before with a guy holding a cat "look mittens, a faggot"

both were on Facebook.

I then got banned off of RecRoom VR for calling my black friend a Nigger in Rec Royale.

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Best I can really think of is getting banned off quite a few discord servers for raiding: me and a couple of other autists just joined and spammed shocker images until we were banned.
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Autumnal Equinox

Banned from Facebook a few times for wrongthink.

Banned from a forum for calling out a poster's suicide baiting and not giving him asspats, and telling him that people like him do a great disservice to people that actually are suicidal or depressed and not m.ilking it for attention.

Banned from a store for shoplifting when I was a teen.


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I lost 7-8 Twitch accounts for making fun of 16-bit. He was a pro Mortal Kombat player for a long time, got hired by NRS, then lost a lot of weight and became a low effort tranny. Most of the bans were for dead naming, but the last couple came from spamming "STUNNING AND BRAVE." The funniest part to me is that I met him before he transitioned, and he has made zero effort to change his voice.



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I got quite a lot of bans under my belt.
  • Got perma IP banned from all 4chan boards for telling an anon to dump Daisy's Destruction in the hope that he gets arrested.
  • Got banned from a gaming site for posting live farmstock killing.
  • Got banned from TVTropes for calling Fighteer a dick sucking monkey.
  • Got banned from GameFAQs for saying that the Jews were behind the failure of the Wii U.
  • Got banned from some forums for shitposting.
  • Got permanently banned from Facebook for making an Amanda Todd joke right after she killed herself.
  • Got banned from a Discord server for shitposting about how waifufags and lolicons deserve death
  • Got banned from another Discord server for constant shitposting
  • Got banned from a Doom server by Spanish speakers for speaking English in an English speaking server.
  • Got banned from a Pokemon Online server for pissing everyone off, posting hentai, antagonizing others, dropping racial slurs a mile a minute, all while having the power to ban pretty much anyone I wanted to, including the server owners.
All those bans are no longer in effect because I changed IP addresses.

EDIT: I forgot to mention the ban on a third Discord server I got after saying that blacks shouldn't get statues because they sold slaves in a history pissing match.
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The best and greatest

I got banned off the escapist forums for being a meanie head and criticizing their staff and company practices. Other than that just various little dings and warnings for course language.
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Some 1 to 2 day bans on 4chan for spamming stupid things like PUDDI PUDDI or Dsfargeg. Also Habbo hotel for telling them the pools closed.
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I have no mouth and I have only more to scream
Uh, banned from one forum when I was like 10 for role playing three characters at once.
I can't remember every ban from 4chan, but my most recent was for trolling the mods over banning threads about ProJared's return video. Kicked out of a couple facebook groups, one was D&D related cause I was making fun of D&D 3.X fans.
Banned myself from an autistic group because I was one of several admins and the big dick on the block had a shadow war with me trying to defame me.
Haven't been banned on KF's yet. Had a report get laughed at once and posted something horrifying on Null's page.