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Hi, guize! OK, so
Why don't you just make sourdough? I don't make bread because I'm not a big fattie, but my understanding is you can make sourdough yeast with nothing more than flour and water.
You can attract wild yeast that way. You can also make yeast out of potatoes. Sour dough usually starts with a little yeast.

And yes, BreAD MaKeS YoU FAt 😒


Potato dough coxinha


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I made another Hungry Man today; this time it was a Homestyle Meatloaf Dinner instead of an Angus Meatloaf Bowl.

There were no Cheesy Pepper Potatoes in this one; instead, it includes mixed vegetables, a portion of regular mashed potatoes, and a brownie. I actually prefer regular mash to the Cheesy Potatoes, so that's fine with me. The brownie sounds nice, but it comes in a goopy, semi-liquid form, that is supposed to harden as it cooks in the microwave. In practice, I've never seen the brownie goo-batter arrive intact; shipping and handling invariably causes the goo to spill out of the designated plastic brownie mold, and get all over the veggies and potatoes. It's not the end of the world, and the brownies still cook safely, but it leads to an unsatisfying presentation that is difficult or even impossible to correct through plating, where up to a third of the plate is covered in a half-brownie/half-vegetable melange.


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Made some green tea ice cream yesterday actually and topped it with a light sweet whipped cream and some strawberry pocky. I've never had green tea before and I think I might have made it a little too bitter but I still enjoyed it. Classmates were also pretty damn happy bout it too tbh.
Ive made meyer lemon ice cream before and I actually love it. It was kind of a pain because I--I dont remember the exact method since it was like 8 or so years ago--but I remember steaming the cream/milk and then steeping 2 or 3 meyer lemons worth of zest and the the seeds from a vanilla bean, in it overnight in the fridge, then doing that egg custard tempering method before putting it in the ice cream maker. I imagine you could toss in some frozen fruit while its in the machine too.

The steeping and tempering is also how I make mint choco ice cream too, but that takes like 3 cups of mint. Really good though, if you chop up some real real, 80% dark chocolate and toss it in the ice cream maker while its going. I remember the recipe having a name attached, I think like David Liebowvitz or something.

Wish I had actually printed those recipes out because I developed a bad habit of just looking at recipes online since I usually only make them once or twice, then the site ends up going down or I lose the link. I think the mint ice cream, my sister did write down, but the meyer lemon, idk. I think we just adapted the mint choco, but added lemon zest and a vanilla bean instead. I need a place to keep it all though, I need to get a notebook and maybe try to keep it organized this time.

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I need to get a notebook and maybe try to keep it organized this time.
My mother has a giant book full of handwritten recipes and recipes clipped from magazines and books that was given to her by her grandmother. She has continued to add to it and refine older recipes.

we jokingly call it her Tome of Delicious Spells, or the Cookienomicon. It's one of the few material things I would run into a burning house to save because it has recipes going back to my great great grandmother.

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Made a brine of water, Kosher salt, rosemary and thyme. Let a whole chicken sit in it for about 12 hours. Then used a rub I don't remember the name of.

Smoked it over apple and cherry wood (no charcoal used) for about 7 hours.

Would put it up against any professional smokehouse. Absolutely delicious. With that said, I have little interest in doing this again.


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I redid my recipe with duck this time. Bought a cheap frozen duck and stuffed it with a sauce(hoisin sauce, ginger, garlic, honey, Sichuan pepper, fennel, cinnamon, cloves, and star anise). After closing the hole with toothpicks, I basted the duck with water steeped with the whole chinese five spices. Then, I basted it with a brown rice syrup, honey, and soy sauce glaze. Let it sit in the fridge overnight and baked it until done with the skin being crispy. The basting liquid I added ginger, garlic, hoisin sauce, soy sauce, mirin, sake, wing tips, and the duck organ meat to make the broth. I quickly made dashi stock to dilute the broth a bit for my serving bowl, added cooked soba noodles to it, slices of the peking duck, spinach, matchstick carrot, and matchstick green onion. Tasted better than the chicken version and the duck is comparable to pork ramen. I froze the leftover carcass to use for stock later at some point.

Side note: I came across a three part video series by some Chinese woman in Ecuador. Her channel is called souped up recipes. The second video is the actual peking duck recipe and the third is the rice pancakes you eat with it. However, the first video is about how to kill and butcher the duck to be authentic peking duck. I won't link the video since she kills the duck in it, but she mentions how Beijing force feed duck is the best. Not sure if I should blame China or France for that force feeding.

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224 fundraiser Italian hoagies. Sliced by hand. My elbow is shot. Followed by driving an hour and doing mise for a taco night at the youth group movie night, tomorrow. (Promised them tacos, gonna fucking deliver tacos!) Tomorrow I will slice for the other 150 hoagies for the fundraiser, but at least the damn Italians are done. I think I'm getting old.

E-387 hoagies are completed and awaiting pickup. If this lady had no way to transport them, I don't really care. I don't think she actually knows what that volume of sandwiches looks like. And despite the pleas yesterday to pick some up early (tonight), she was "really busy." If these get squished from her packing them too tight, or sour because she doesn't have storage for them, that's on her. But it makes the business look bad. Although, I really don't care, anymore. If I never see another slice of Genoa or a tomato again, I will be the happiest bitch.
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I made some good chicken cutlets the other day. Just took some cutlets, shook em in a bag with some breadcrumbs and a ton of spices, popped em in the oven and they came out crispy, but still moist and tender. Once again, I had boxed mac and cheese, but I added some shredded cheddar and jack cheese and a little barbecue sauce and mustard to it, made it taste way better than just the boxed shit on it's own.

Tonight I'm not cooking, but I am preparing a chef salad with spring mix, spinach, turkey, ham, Swiss, and tomato. Got some baked cheese crisps to put in rather than actual croutons, I found some parmesan ones that are really good in salads.


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Oddly enough I was inspired by the tranch to make this after they shared a pic of some lamb shoulder they made (presumably from a lamb that died in their negligent care) with potatoes and asparagus.

Only I substituted the potatoes for stuffed mushrooms since I'm going back on keto. Oh and roasted the asparagus and seared the lamb chops to rare unlike them they chared theirs to a crisp, undercooked the potatoes and couldn't even cook asparagus right... But enough about that. Here's a picture


Edit apparently master chef pennywise made lamb shoulder not chops.. But either way it had to be seared to rare or medium rare at most and not charred to shoe leather the way the idiots cooked it.

My point is I'm a way better cook
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