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What Have You Cooked Recently?

Discussion in 'Food' started by FatFuckingClown, Feb 11, 2017.

  1. In the middle of cooking spaghetti carbonara with mushrooms and onions right now.
    Probably Not

    Probably Not SPOOOOOON!

  2. Steamed chicken, cooked till light brown, and covered it with garlic and onions alongside salt, pepper and parsley. As a side dish a bit of fresh onions and celery. Pretty good. <3

    friedshrimp 70s do

  3. Two pounds of cannabutter.
  4. Currently making homemade chicken soup.

    JimmyHill'sBlarms YOU HAPPY NAPPA!

  5. Eggs are not dairy
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    MustachioedHipster Don’t whizz on the electric fence

  6. Made a perfect omelette for breakfast. Impressed all of my friends by cooking the simplest thing in the world to cook that somehow 95% of people manage to fuck up.

    2-3 eggs in a cup, add salt and pepper, break the egg up with a fork so it is marbled, but not beaten, then pour it into an omelette pan which has been pre-heated with butter and oil. Tilt the pan and drag the cooked egg to the centre so the raw egg runs into the gap and cooks, go all the way around like that, then let it sit until there is just a fine film of raw egg on the top, then fold it in half.
    It takes about 3 minutes, I don't know why everyone has such trouble with it.
  7. I've got an addiction of eating Soy beans with tomato sauce, best food ever, it's best enhanced with chicken piece and white rice.

    Soo yeah that's what i cook everyday, for breakfast i just make french toast with egg.

    Schwachkopf 100 ON MY WRIST RICK RUBIN

  8. made wafer with brocoli, spinach and bulgur it was pretty good and easy to make

    Fatcat fat cats are really nice cats

  9. Ditto. :0 oh what a world.

    I love cooking eggs. I hate eating them with a passion, but I get a kick out of cooking them for people.

    Sadcake Mah beetus

  10. Roasting a whole stuffed chicken tonight. Going to have that and salad for dinner.

    neverendingmidi it just goes on and on and on and on...

  11. made some heavy duty nachos, not just the lazy "dump shredded cheese and nuke for 30 seconds" type
    red onion, pickled banana pepper, ground beef (cooked with minced garlic, worsticshriehr, and salt, then drained), then some shredded mild cheddar on top
    oven for a few minutes at 350ish or whatever

    quite good

    XYZpdq fbi most wanted sskealeaton

  12. My husband is currently making stuffed poblanos with chicken chicharones and he is a god among men. I can't cook.
    Clown Baby

    Clown Baby you're the bearclaw in the garbage bag of my life
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  13. Curry. Chicken, cauliflower and peas. Basically just chop, sauté, dump, and simmer. We eat it at least once a month.

    FupaFiend Bread Baker

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