What have you recently eaten?

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Mar 9, 2015
That sounds good. If you're ever at O'hare (otherwise a dump of an airport) try the soft pretzels at the stand. They are pretty fucking good for airport food.
Funny enough the only time I was in O'hare (for those unaware it's HUGE) I had a connection and 15 mins for it, I pretty much was in a dead sprint carrying a suit case to make it.

Pretzels are my go to snack and I'm a Philly fag so it's in our blood to eat them, the one I got was from a place that's kinda new they were first to do late night Korean fried chicken, to a bar crowd audience, really cool just two 20 something Korean Americans who loved making fried chicken and it took off, they also sell banging donuts and were like fuck it we want you to have a heart attack so we started making soft pretzels.

Tonight I had some of my own Bibb Lettuce, (the leaves are size of a sheet of paper!) with tons of telicherry pepper grinded on it, little evoo and vinegar for dinner.


I just wanted to play my friggin wargames....
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Feb 19, 2021
Wife and I went to the local Italian place. God, must have been the third string cook, because it was SHIT. How do you fuck up a simple spinach pizza and carbonara? Normally the food is mind blowing.


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May 25, 2013
lunch from local Chicago-inspired hot dog joint
pretty good. looked pretty much like the pictures
each was seven bucks, a little steep on the fire dog, a decent price for the fries and slop
poutine had a lot of the process beef knuckle meat and the spicy whatever relish was pretty good, lots of grease dripped out to the bottom
fries are sort of checkers-ish so mushy grease works well as they get less hot
fire dog was actually pretty hot, good stuff

helps that it's close enough to my job that I don't have to clock out

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Jun 24, 2020
Garlic bagel crisps. Very garlic-y. The vampires will not be bothering me tonight.


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Jan 6, 2022
Scrambled eggs with salami and green chili, topped with sriracha and nutritional yeast