What have you recently eaten?

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Jun 10, 2021
Pork steak, pan fried with lemon pepper, salt and a dash of rosemary. Cooked it just right and ate with some salt and vinegar chips I had just opened, followed by mango juice I made yesterday. Pretty nice meal!


Jun 2, 2021
Voodoo Donuts.


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Nov 7, 2017
I did a roast pork loin. Don't sleep on the loin cut. It's cheap, it can be extended easily, you can trim it to your preference and it only takes a little care to be tender. I typically make a "glaze", if you will, made with whole cranberry sauce, yes, the shit in the can. It needs to be whole berry, though. I add some apricot preserves, apple is just as good if not better, but really hard to find around here for some reason. Add a bit of horseradish, to taste, Dijon mustard, a little chicken stock (if you have it, it's not necessary and you can add a bit of chicken powder or bullion). Put all of that in a saucepan and let it melt together. The loin should be at room temperature, obviously. Trim the fat to taste, I like to leave some on for flavor. Place the loin fat side up. Season the loin and put it on into the oven as the glaze is doing it's thing.

Here's the deal with loin. Fuck what they tell you about the temp. 130-135, take that shit out. She's done. For about 4 pounds at 375 we're looking at about 45 minutes at most. At the halfway mark, that glaze is ready to go so let it go in and put some love on that loin. Take her out at the temp above and tent her with foil while you're finishing up your sides. Trust me when I say it works every time. It's easy, it's cheap, it's tasty. I wish I had a picture, but I was super busy. Anyway, hopefully you may try and enjoy.