What have you recently eaten? -


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1:1 mix of dried cranberries and 100% cacao chips, like no sugar or anything, just the straight shit.
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I tried the Michelina Zap 'Ems Taco Bites but they were much too mild. I had to douse them in hot sauce.

I suppose the Zap 'Ems are really kids' food so they have to be mild and I should have expected that.


moonriver & me.
Mom came over yesterday, so we decided to have a huge meal. Ham sandwiches, pasta, and vegetables w/ various dip: I can't tell you how good it was!


It’s the middle of the night and I’ve eaten hardly anything today. I’m munching on pickled carrots and jalapeños while I wait for my food at a Mexican place and they’re phenomenal.
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On the advice of a friend, I took a ride to a butcher shop I'd seen a million times and never entered. Picked up some hanger steak that was marinating in a tub at the counter. Cook it up, and holy shit - it's Uruguayan style chimichuri, which I've only had at my brother's neighbor's cookouts. In my experience, Uruguay is king of the chimichuri hill. The Argentine version overwhelms the beef's flavor and Brazilians can't figure out when to stop pouring salt in anything.

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