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Im proofing a loaf of oatmeal wheat bread. I put a bit of cold coffee I forgot I had from lunch yesterday that I forgot about in the overnight levain thinking it would maybe give it a smokey flavor, turns out sourdough and coffee is a bad combo so I had to wing it and add some oats and rolled 6-grain blend to maybe bring it back to a more bread-y, wheat-y aroma. It smells more like bread when you open the thing its proofing in so I hope it turns out.

EDIT: It came out well enough. The thing about whole-grain whole wheat breads is that theyre absolutely PERFECT for BLT type of sandwiches. I also have this Alouette spinach and artichoke cheese spread that goes really well on it too. You gotta toast the bread but the earthy, heaviness of whole wheat bread really compliments bright, light flavors like that.
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a bottle of mexican coke and a bag of Rap Snacks (Lil Boosie's Louisiana Heat)

hot sauce-ish flavor chips.
like basically all Rap Snacks, good stuff, a little heavy on the seasonings because they expect you're smoking
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I got something like 15 pounds of the most revolting meat products I've ever seen from a neighbor and tried to come up with some way to put them into an edible food product. Five pounds are the vilest meatballs I've ever seen, the first ingredient is mechanically separated chicken, which is basically pink slime, the ingredient of Chicken McNuggets before even McDonald's stopped using it.

Considering it's institutional food I tried to make an edible product of sweet and sour meatballs with pineapple.

Turned out the sauce is fine but everyone just literally threw away the meatballs and didn't eat them. I hate to throw away free food but this shit is awful.

I have a general policy that free food is food and throwing away food is wasteful but holy fuck this is garbage, you'd have to be in prison to eat this shit and even then you'd probably choose to just lose weight.

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Made ribs, string beans, and cornbread.

Ribs were done over three hours on low heat then glazed with BBQ sauce(The Best BBQ by Jack Scalafani of course...not). String beans were from my garden. Cornbread was my recipe but no I did not raise the corn.