WHAT I ATE ON VACATION - 08/09/2019 -


I can't watch right now, but I hope she's honest because she said she overate, and we know how much she eats normally and what she thinks standard serving sizes are. So, if she even said she ate crazily, it must be a lot.

People are stupid for threatening to unsub. Either accept her content, as is, or don't. You can't manipulate a person into losing over 400lbs, if she's not committed to weight loss, herself. Ultimately, it's Amber's life. Enjoy or keep it moving, you can't dictate how an almost 30 year old woman is to live her life.
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Big Al's Crusty Sty

Just a fly on the wall.
“I know people really like to see what I eat”. Is it maybe because nobody can comprehend how a 600 lb person can not only maintain their massive weight, but steadily gain?? I don’t know if they actually “like” to see as much as they want to see.

ETA. Lol. Of course Big Al’s “bucket list” is full of foods she wants to eat instead of life experiences!!!

Amber, a “hard boiled egg that isn’t cooked fully inside” is called a “soft boiled egg”.

Laughing at her using Becky’s 90’s capsule as a TV tray.

Also, Panda Express orange chicken is good, but you can definitely tell it’s “not authentic”. (Like Cheesecake Factory).

This video is a gem.
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Alright here we go on the calorie count.

first day:
diet coke: 0
beef jerky (assuming entire packet): 16*80= 1280
Panda express orange chicken: 370
steamed white rice : 380
kung pao chicken: 290

third day:
Panda express orange chicken: 370*2 (she had a double portion) = 740
steamed white rice : 380
rangoons: 190

Shit I actually have to bounce. Can someone finish this for me? I'd love to see her total calorie count for the 3 days.


can of coke and a ciggy, he'll be right as rain
Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 09.15.19.png

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The face of ecstasy.


Miami Weiß
Honestly, she believes we are going to believe that she did not eat all what she shows on the video?? i am sure she not only eat all of it but also all Becky's leftovers... we know she is quite the queen of moderation
GORL, you know she always eats at least three times what she's willing to admit to the camera! I just wonder if the housekeeping staff got the smell of orange chickun out of the sheets yet.

Cheesecake Coochie

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I love how she's going to use her vacation as an excuse to splurge out on food. When she already eats a normal persons weekly intake in one daily binge. Our 600 pound gorl is here to make the haters jealous. The money she spent on this stupid vacation could have been used to take twinkie star to the vet. Poor thing definitely doesn't have long at that size.

"Indian food is my all time favorite food"
That's a lah, orange chicken isn't indian sweetie.