WHAT I ATE ON VACATION - 08/09/2019 -


I mean...let’s not be Humblynn here. I see a lot of kiwis constantly claiming “MOST people would have an apple for breakfast, MOST people don’t even eat dessert” and I don’t think that’s the case. At least in America, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who follows the food pyramid as they should or works out regularly. In my experience, it seems like most people do in fact eat whatever they’re craving when they’re craving it, whether it be an apple or White Castle.
This is some truth. That said if you look at whats actually IN your snacks... So over here germans love some sweet or buttery fresh pastries on the go, shit that is obviously not "healthy" but it's filling, you take one and move on. But take say.. an american hostess cinnamon bun in comparison, something you'd get out of convenience also. Those things have over 400 calories, are almost made completely out of sugar, and are so shitty you feel like you've just eaten air, you could mindlessly eat 2, 3, or 4 of them and still not feel satisfied. Or to make another neat comparison, Pizza Hut. It's shitty everywhere, but here it's 20 euro for a extra large pizza that is roughly the size of a US medium. You eat two slices and you will feel full and satisfied... in the US you could down a whole pizza that size and feel empty still because its made out of shit and overseasoned.

So I think the problem is more that when Americans give in to the craving, their cheap options are literal poison that is designed to make them fat, diabetic and stupid. Man, health and nutrition sure comes up a lot in the Amber forum, but how can it not when shit like this is the content. Just some things to think about in your day to day life... Amber is good for that sort of thing.


I hate this
I have commented before about how ridiculous it is that she needs snacks to sit in a car for a couple of hours.

No diet will ever work for her. She will die without surgery and we all know that won't happen

At least she was finally reunited with orange chicken
She will die even with the surgery. She won't do proper after care, she'll still binge on garbage. Even if it makes her sick or she vomits every time because there's not enough space for it to fit, she'll continue to shovel vomit repeat.


And most people, even people with sedentary jobs, don't sit on their asses all day long. Amber's weight gain kicked into serious overdrive when she decided to retire to Pillow Mountain.
True. She accelerated her weight gain, first, by finding a way out of anything strenuous, which is why she started using the electric scooters. That sped it up. She doesn't help out around the house much, which burns calories. Then, she stopped going out altogether - remember her reaction to being outside..like it something she'd not done in many moons.

But even with that, most people know someone who's experienced long term joblessness/shiftlessness..even the average stereotypical bum living in their parents basement, who hisses at the sun and plays video games all day with Cheeto-stained fingers isn't 400, 500, 600+lbs. They even manage to not eat themselves to super morbid obesity. So, not having a job doesn't explain her state.

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She will die even with the surgery. She won't do proper after care, she'll still binge on garbage. Even if it makes her sick or she vomits every time because there's not enough space for it to fit, she'll continue to shovel vomit repeat.
You aren't wrong. But your whole post is based on the idea that she is even capable of getting to the surgery stage in the first place.
She is incapable of even reducing her intake or following the most easy, simplistic of diets for even a single day. She wouldn't even be able to advance past the "lose X amount of pounds to be surgery-ready" stage.

And thats not even getting into the psychology and therapy side of things.


How much you guys wanna bet that the real reason Amber wanted to go out to the "Gay Club" on their last night was because it was her last ditch effort to convince Becky to go out and buy ice cream? I'm thinking that Becky didn't want to go to the lobby for the third time that evening, no other place delivered ice cream, and Amber couldn't physically make it to reception's snack bar.


I'm having to read peoples summary or reaction to her videos cause I can only look at her so much anymore. She goes on a 'vacation' with her girlfriend just to stay in a hotel room to stuff her fucking face. Her 'orgasmic' moans and eye rolls are too much and not even funny anymore. Call me mad, but really I'm waiting for the day the front of Kiwi Farms says, "AMBERLYNN REID IS FUCKING DEAD BOO BOO!!!" I don't want that, but oh lawdy is it coming...

In the end it doesn't matter what any of us feel or say,, the bitch gets off on making people upset and disgusted.


I was like - whuuuuut???
3,630 calories in a mere 3 days. Probably More though since she treated herself to FYE candy and ice cream. In others words she probably ate enough calories to feed a family.
Not a chance - you're looking more than that per day and then some...just her Panda Express meal was nearly 1.8k calories alone (and an eye-watering, ankle-swelling 3170mg sodium)

We know thanks to her video that she ate the bag of candy (as if she gave any of that away)

So what other snacks did she eat but not include 🤔

So from what I can make out, there seemed to be a part-day of travel, 2 whole days in Lexington then a part-day journey home, and just what she showed us she ate was:

  • Diet Coke, 1 bag of beef jerky
  • 2 chicken shish kebab
  • Grilled vegetables
  • Side salad
  • White rice
  • Pint of Ben+Jerry's mint choc cookie ice cream
  • Orange chicken
  • Kung Pao chicken
  • White rice
  • 2x vegetable spring rolls, 1 chicken egg roll
  • Big bowl of ramen
  • 6 (hahaha) Reese's mini cups
  • Chicken tikka masala
  • White basmati rice
  • Plain naan
  • 2 x samosas
  • Panda Express orange chicken
  • White rice
  • Something in a bag, can't make it out?
  • Tub of uncooked brownie batter
  • Huge FYE bag of assorted candy
  • Watermelon soda
  • Spicy California sushi roll*
  • Shrimp avocado roll
*Al announced she felt 'super dehydrated for some reason' - knowing now how much sodium and msg she consumed over the previous days that's like super unsur-fucking-prising

Note the only drinks she mentioned over the 3+ days were 1 diet coke, 1 watermelon soda and 1 water, we can be sure she had fuck-tons of soda

Thats got to be a good 10k calories just for what she's shown

TL;DR Amber is a disgusting gluttonous warthog and it's absolutely fucking disgusting seeing written down what she scarfed down her bloated neck - and she's very, very, very, very, very, very.................very fucking FAT


some bitch
I’d say that she’s just chosen death now, but I don’t think she’s self-aware enough to realize that’s she’s decided to go full speed ahead into the grave. With AL, she has the mindset that she’ll do it on Monday, that she didn’t eat all the rice so the calories are ok. She keeps thinking that she still has an opportunity to turn it all around but honestly I think we all know that’s she’s too far gone for that. If she lasts until 2021 at this point, I’ll be shocked.


When you decide to moderate your carb intake

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who eats that much plain rice? it doesn't have that much flavor... I think countries where they eat alot it's still just a base for meats, beans and vegetables unless people are poor. and is that green stuff in the upper left pic a salad? gross, hope she didn't eat that and threw it out or gave it to Becky.