WHAT I ATE ON VACATION - 08/09/2019 -

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I'm not going to defend Big Hamber herself, but the whole "edible, safe cookie dough" thing has been trendy for a few years now and is definitely a popular foodie/dessert deal. Lots of Sweet Shops and Food Trucks specialize in it now (even carrying a variety of flavours) and if you Google it up, prepare to find quite a few brands that sell their raw/edible cookie dough products by the tub or pint in stores like Whole Foods and Walmart.

Like.....fuck Amber for eating it because she is literally dying. But I'm just saying its totally a thing that exists and is heaps popular. (Would it even be powerleveling if I said its even super good? Fuck it. Some of the gourmet/scoop shop Cookie Doughs are super good)

More to the point, she ordered it from a place called NoBaked Cookie Dough. I looked up NoBaked on GrubHub (delivering to the same hotel just to be fair) and there's absolutely no mistaking the fact that they are a cookie dough company, not an ice cream company. In summary Amber is a liar and fat fat fat.


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Either she is telling a LAH or she is stupid/lazy enough to just type "brownie batter" into UberEats and pick the first thing that she saw in the largest size available for purchase.

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It could be a lie and she just wanted to try something new without being judged… but that genuine sadness in her voice about how she wished it was ice cream was for real-real. That being said, this little snafu shouldn’t have even happened since she obnoxiously reads every word on product packaging.

Can’t wait for “I ordered a salad and they delivered orange chicken!”


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I think she did it for youtube content (and is obviously lying about not knowing the batter store was selling.... batter). I do believe she didn't like it.

She pretended it was an accident either because she thinks someone making that kind of mistake is cute/quirky or because she doesn't want petty backlash from her audience for being wasteful by ordering something just to try and throwing the whole thing out.