WHAT I ATE TODAY | 60 POUNDS DOWN!! (3/13/20) -


Point blank PERIOD.
That smoothie had a bunch of berries wow I'm not a smoothie person but that seemed like a really big serving. Like I just imagined eating that many berries with yogurt plus the spinach, that's a lot.

With all the background music and uwu clips of Becky and her gulping down water seems like she is reaaaally trying to be a cute and interesting vlogger instead of just sitting at home, even though she did a fair amount of that. She is really proud of what she ate at Ruby Tuesday. She shouldn't be proud, because someone her size doesn't need to be eating out AT All no matter how "healthy" your choices are. Even the healthy shit at chain restaurants like that isn't really healthy. It's all to trick exceptional ass people like her so good job I guess? 🤔

Aaaaand honorable mention to her "4 halves" of a sandwich. Gorl just say you ate 2 sandwiches holy shit. Maybe you actually ate 4 whole sandwiches and said halves to make it seem like less. Now that's more reasonable for someone who eats and lies as fuckin much as you do.


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Intuitive eating only works if you've been measuring your food for a while. If, every morning for the past 3 months you've measured out 1/2 cup of dry oatmeal to prepare, then you could probaby eyeball what 1/2 cup looks like in your bowl, and your stomach is going to complain if it's much more or less than that amount.

Intuitive eating does not mean nonstop face-stuffing just because you feel like it.

Oh, and Fat Amber's makeup looks nice. See? I said a kind thing! I'm not as bad as those other people.

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"As you guys know" - her phrase of choice when she's trying to hard sell a part of her narrative. The truth is usually the opposite of what she's trying to flog.

So what DOES she count, other than ass pats? IF this was a serious diet attempt & IF she was faithfully eating like this every single day, yes; she could lose the 1st 200 or so lbs based on "changing what I eat" & more importantly, how much she eats. But she's not doing that. Note she said: "When I binge or overeat" not "when I WAS binging/overeating"... which means she still is. Anyway, she needs to pay attention to balancing her macros & if she was deficient in vitamin D & iron, it's almost a given that she's woefully short of other crucial micronutrients. By the way - I don't recall her mentioning her vitamin D or iron supplements or any follow up visit to the doc to to have those checked - did I miss that?

Intuitive eating works fine if you have a basic understanding of nutrition & are not prone to under or overweight or weight fluctuations & your food related 'intuition' is well dialed in. For most people, especially the overweight - I submit it's a recipe for disaster. Nice for her though, to have an excuse she's setting up in advance. I'm pretty sure her "intuition" kicks in when she's feeling, bad, sad, mad or glad & what she visualizes then has nothing to do with smoothies or simple sandwiches.

"Do what works for you.." oh, PLEASE! Weight loss = calorie restriction. You can pretty it up anyway you want, hide it with your dirty underwear but no restrictions, no weight loss.

She shouldn't be eating out at all - how about non-food related 'dates'? I'm willing to bet that restaurant trip was either right before or right after another grocery run. Again - I get not wanting to shop on an empty stomch but PACK A LUNCH.

Her Ruby Tuesday's meal may only have had 317 calories, (I checked) but it had 1,427 mg. of sodium - Amber, miss me with the whining about being swollen. And drink more water, lots more, it will help flush the excess sodium & interstitial water you're retaining.

On the subject of her 'new' food regime she "wants to dive into it"... NO. It's simply another way of obsessing over food. Plan things out, shop & prep food to the plan, then start living life to whatever extent you can.
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Reddit bitches always go on about that with Amber. I guess it's the one thing about Amber they agreed they could virtue signal on.
If you can do a decent eyeliner it can trick a lot of simpletons that you're good at makeup.

And I'll admit, ALR can do a nice winged liner, but once she does anything like blush, or eyebrows or eyeshadow it looks like a big ugly mess

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Stage 1 & riding that 60 lb. loss horse like she was trying to drive a fading hunter to the finish line of the Grand National. 60 has become the new 89. It's going to go from a revoltingly smug: "I lost 60 lbs.!" to "when I lost 60 lbs." when she invariably swan dives off the wagon into a vat of Ranch dressing.

She's going to do her best to keep up this charade for about another week; 2 if she rully, rully works at it & gets enough ass pats. But those ass pats are going to tail off quickly come Monday when her vlog proves to be another iteration of essentially nothing. Her Wednesday weight in, if it happens will be pitiful & she'll offer up another batch of regurgitated excuses.

Her newbie viewers don't stay on board with her narrative very long anymore. I can see her trying to parlay a very real pandemic crisis into a personal tale of worry & woe & if she's stupid enough to do that, she's going to quickly find herself schooled. I don't want to see her trying to look tragic while she assures us she cried for HOURS, DAYS... WEEKS!!! over learning more people are becoming infected. This & it's potentially awful consequences have no meaning for her save for how she can turn it into a way to show how BRAVE, prepared, EMPATHETIC she is. Frankly, the only aspect of this that will penetrate her pea brain will be if she can't buy her favourite garbage foods.

Here's a nightmare - imagine being stuck in quarantine in the Shanty with that lot for 2 weeks... shudder.

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Any Eating Disorder Recovery treatment center, psychotherapist, environment, etc that is worth a fuck would never employ the use of "iNtUiTiVe EaItInG" as a theraputic tool (and if they do, they're probably some sort of hokey new-age Instagram jobbers who have their accreditation in Nutrition from online Diploma Mills) but most especially not for Anorexia Nervosa.

"Mechanical Eating" is exactly the fuck what all these massive cunts need; Amber, Chantal, Amy, all of them. And the beautiful thing about Mechanical Eating is that it works for everybody and every ED - Anorexia AND Bulimia AND Binge Eating Disorders, whatever. It's basically the exact polar opposite of ~intuitive~ in every way. Forced, set, rigid schedules of eating a pre-planned and unchangeable/stable Meal Plan by the clock, every single day.

Ana-chans would eat above their caloric needs to slowly gain, and fatty boomalatties would eat less. Ta da.

(Disclaimer: Obviously this is only a tool and only addresses the weight and physical body problems, not the mental issues. But that's a whole other post)


The intuitive eating step w/o the weight watchers step, first? She's done intuitive eating a million times and every time she says it works for her, then quits it because it doesn't work for her. You'd think she'd find random, wacky diets like Chantal, to at least switch it up once in a while. I barely read the summaries, now, it's gotten so boring the last few months and she posts just enough to make money, then disappears. Not smart to let viewers get out of the habit of watching your videos, when it's your source of income.

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Intuitive eating also presumes that the person has some awareness of their body's hungry/full signals. At 500+ lbs, you're either never feeling full (like someone with Prader-Willi Syndrome). Or you DO feel full physically, but you're an addict like Amber and prolonging the high is always the first impulse.

This shit show was never that exciting, but a lot of the draw (besides the comment section) was morbid curiosity. I feel like even the curiosity is waning now. This was the first video of hers I personally couldn't finish for no other reason than simple indifference. 🤷‍♀️

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Intuitive eating?? Hahahahahahahaha! Holy fuck my fucking sides!
I wouldn't trust her intuition to know when to stop eating...

At this point, her version of hungry is not stomach rumbling or headaches. No, at this point, food is a hobby, and her version of hungry is "I'm going to eat this and that" and much as someone else would want to watch this or that netflix show. Lots of Americans have that cultural issue, eating as a hobby, but she said it herself that she eats food to heal her soul.

Her relationship with food is too unhealthy for intuitive eating. She would need a therapist to help her unpack and tidy up all those mentulz before she can trust herself with anything but a schedule set by either a dietician or simple calorie counting.

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Intuitive eating also presumes that the person has some awareness of their body's hungry/full signals. At 500+ lbs, you're either never feeling full (like someone with Prader-Willi Syndrome). Or you DO feel full physically, but you're an addict like Amber and prolonging the high is always the first impulse.
ALR once said that eating a 20 pieces chicken McNuggets meal, a large fries, soda and a dessert did not make feel full, and sometime she added a hamburger to the mix. She is aware when she is full, unfortunately, it requires a whole lot of food; far more that someone should eat in one sitting. I bet the reason she quit Freshly is that it did not make her full.

It is amazing for someone in such dire circumstances, would not ask for help from professionals, nutritionists, psychologists, other weight-loss specialists, and instead go for half-baked schemes.