WHAT I ATE TODAY!!!! - 8/10/20 -

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Poor Twinkie at 6:50 looking longingly at the outdoors she'll never experience.

Edit: Also my fucking god, has this cow been on track a SINGLE day on Noom yet? Nearly 2000 calorie takeout order today because there "wasn't any meat thawed" to make a meal with. Yeah, really thriving Amburr.
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Damn chemistry between these two is nonexistent.
Funny how Becky is showing up in more vids.
Tubby probably told her to do it to get her shekels.

Still in recovery damn bitch you're milking it.
She has been losing weight. Bullshit.
This toxic fat ass will never change. Sane old shit.
Yeah right. She doesn't binge. :hah: