WHAT I ATE TODAY!!!! - 8/10/20 -


Amber is my screaming pillow.....
Apparently her Noom calorie quota is 2400, but we all know she's not listening to them.
2,400 is low compared to what she is used to and is only about 500 calories over what she would need to maintain a healthy weight at her height with moderate activity levels - no wonder she can not keep to this esp as there is no sign of nutritional dense foods.

You're telling me she went pantsless while wearing a dress and we still didn't get any lahgs? I'm heartbroken
Chaffing - chaffing!! There is a skin infection on it's way

I cant pinpoint what it is, but something about her face looks different lately. I dont just mean how it looks due to her hair being down. It's like the structure of her face looks different.
She has lost weight and she is in the 'hypo-manic' stage of her cycle - is is due a crash before the end of the week.

noon take way.png

The expression on my face at the moment she said they had ordered in!


Not enough fatties to watch.
Hey, compulsive liar..


What meat? (The door is mostly popsicles.)

She should just admit they are 30 and don't know how to shop like adults so they can have the excuse to order in.

Also, like how she put the veggies facing us, and the other part had a box of ice cream things blocking what's behind.

Earlier, they were eating on the 79 cent plates from Target that you'd buy for a child or a kid you couldn't stand who is living in a dorm.

O'Charlies is a chain across most of The South that tries to pretend to be fine dining. It's not. The rolls are big and super oily. I bet the calories are more than they let on because everything is oily.
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have you taken your b12?
why is everything beige (RIP shriveled bell peppers)

Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 4.41.05 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 4.41.28 AM.png

Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 4.42.22 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 4.41.48 AM.png
-Necky, feed your fat gf a salad
Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 4.37.01 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 4.37.31 AM.png

How hard is it to eat a salad or an apple? Seriously
is it really that hard?

I love how Amber conveniently forgets to show her eating fruit roll ups & a huge takeout from O'charleys

TBH i died when she mentioned O'charley's bc there used to be one where I grew up & I remember it being gross
Kinda themed like Olive Garden except irish pub with fake dark wood & dusty tavern lamps
They were sold a couple years ago and revamped but it made me laugh


I guess she didn't know what worked for her after all. shockedpikachu.jpg
Sounds like she does now LOL

Edit: Also my fucking god, has this cow been on track a SINGLE day on Noom yet? Nearly 2000 calorie takeout order today because there "wasn't any meat thawed" to make a meal with. Yeah, really thriving Amburr.
Is she on a specific diet plan, like does Noom tell you what to eat every day for a week or so? If yes then couldn't she prepare the meal that was planned for a different day and just thaw the meats overnight now for tomorrow? It's just an excuse to eat out ugh.

She lost 14 pounds in June but she's only lost 5.4 pounds in the last 7 weeks. But she doesn't binge "like she used to". Ok, gorl.

She didn't eat her first meal, the chicken and pasta, until 1:30 in the afternoon. So allllllll that shit she ate afterwards was crammed into the last half(ish) of the day.
So I know people lose faster at first because they are bigger, but shouldn't she lose on quite a constant (if she follows a proper diet obv) rate until she's like in her 300s?

Also if they don't have a garden anymore, when do you think AL and the Thumb will be bored with walking Twinkie and they just let her piss all over their new place?


So 4 days into this new diet and she has blown out her allotted calories on 2 of the days. And no idea how she did it but Becky done did it yeehaw she was able to make salt from scratch she's a miracle worker. Obviously she reads the farms with her little speech on medication and people questioning her weight loss lol. I'm pretty sure she has told Necky that she has to appear in more vlogs to get more views for the coinage. And What she doesn't eat much shrimp, REALLY? What about shrimp gate?

Turd Fergusson

So in summary:

1. She is still tired when waking up because she has not taken care of her sleep apnea.
2. She does not have a set routine as to when to eat which does make little sense if you want to succeed in dieting.
3. She orders in most of her meals which does not help if you are dieting.
4. She overeats right from the start of her diet, which she did last time she tried WW and Operation CurvyCaloriies.
5. She gives herself excuses for not being able to follow the diet.
6. She gives herself excuses for not doing any exercises which are necessary to recover from surgery.
7. She manipulates numbers as far as her weight. She is heavier than she leads us to believe. She was 503 pounds on July 15.

I could have written this on any of her previous diets. She did not learn anything.
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The reason we hadn't seen the Apple watch is because it wouldn't fit anymore. Hence, it's return upon her losing a few pounds.

So why doesn't Noon sync with the Apple watch? What kind of loser program is this?


Nice to see that she is back on pasta and rice now that mumsy is gone. I wonder how long she will stick with noom. They give you a week or two free and then charge $150 for 6 months with recurring billing every 6 months. Noom does not offer refunds.

I will never understand how this cow still has actual supporters. Not only do the fat morons buy an appetizer plate of deep fried garbage, but lardarse gets herself a dessert. Normal humans should not have dessert with every meal, but this gorb thinks it is not a problem to guzzle sweets on her "weight loss journey." People still watch and support her. This gives me no hope for humanity.
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Save the afrikaaners
She's being fat and boring as usual. more complaining and victimhood. people like this need to look at themselves and ask if what they're doing is normal or not... she's too sperg to handle the truth though..


Even smiling makes my face ache
I forgot about her saying she was so depressed living in the Fag Shanty. She made a point to say it wasn’t because of Ricky and Eric, but then says it was the “environment”, and newsflash your environment includes the people around you. It’s so insulting.

I hate to break it to her, but she’s going to end up depressed no matter where she lives. She’s only happy right now because the apartment is shiny and new, but Amber is always searching for the next new exciting thing, and that sadly includes diet plans. Noom will only last as long as Amber is intrigued by it and then it will be a distant memory.

As for the apartment, I give it maybe 6 months before Amber starts complaining that it’s too small or she doesn’t like the kitchen layout or whatever weird criticism she can come up with in her head.


Lord so we're back to pre-cancer Hambeast; same ole boring shit. I can't suffer through her videos anymore. The fag shanty provided a little bit of entertainment; but her and Becky in a tiny ass apartment and never going outside is just too depressing. I've known people like her, they're the cockroaches of the human race and she will live to be 80 and won't suffer many health consequences. I'm hoping Jen posts again soon and has gained 50 lbs to make it interesting.

PS- Where is Wasabi??

Smoovy Jay

She said she did not use the free trial and paid from the beginning.
Yeah but I don’t think she’s smart enough to understand she’s going to get the two weeks free anyway and she can still cancel. She just thinks punching in her overworked credit card into an app means she bought it.