WHAT I ATE TODAY!!!! - 8/10/20 -


I wonder if MethMamma is watching Amber's youtube and if they keep in touch after all that.
I doubt it. MethMamma went away as soon as she realized that The Beast will survive the cunt cancer and there won't be any money or other valuables that MethMom can take for herself. I bet they'll reconnect the next time Amber comes close to going away to her forever home - the Cheesecake Factory in the sky.


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Did this bitch basically just give us a tutorial on how to make a frozen dinner?
Well, then again, she is retarded—
So, I shouldn’t expect any different.
And we got a classic Hamber side burn check amidst the mania.
Now that’s some creative content we’ve got here.

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We're not all blessed with the genes that give us good looks & some of us are unfortunately featured & shaped, indeed!

That being said, a small measure of the right sort of self care goes a long way towards allowing people to see past what could objectively be called "ugly". An appropriate weight for height. A hair cut & style that doesn't accentuate one's worst features or lack of features. Not into makeup? No biggie but make sure your face is clean & unwanted facial hair is removed - takes but a few seconds. I'm not saying everyone should dress in a certain 'age appropriate manner' but a constant wardrobe of graphic Ts, snapbacks & shorts isn't doing Becky any good. The older she gets, the more such a look screams: "Don't take me seriously as a functional adult".

And beyond all that? Walking around expressionless, moving in slow motion, no animation to one's voice... even the most attractive person in the world wouldn't come across as appealing, as someone a person might want to get to know.


Being with Amber has really messed her up - In photos before she met her she was almost pretty - even when she first met her she looked human - now she looks exactly like Destiny did towards the end of their relationship - like a 'Sunshine' child
She looked human, I'll give you that.