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Cool! We're getting a 'what I ate in 1/8th of the day today' video!

Edit: Cool, that cured my insomnia. I can now pass right the fuck out thanks to how boring this was.

0:00 Huh, she still sounds like shit. Voice all gravelly.
0:14 Wants to do a few disclaimers ‘right quick’. Nothing’s off limits in her diet plan.
0:28 Distracted by something on the grass outside. Too fat to go out and check it out.
0:50 Going to show us the calories? Yeah, right! For one serving. Not the 5 she’s going to eat. She says she’s going to show /everything/ she’s going to put into her mouth, but that’s a damned lah.
1:20 Going to drink nothing but water? LOLZ
1:30 Been inspired by so many people who’ve lost hundreds of pounds. Says she’s losing weight (bitch, where?) by just counting calories.
1:55 Says a lot of people disagree with counting calories. Is distracted by the lawn. Restarts leaving that out and just says that she’s seen people disagree with each other over their diets.
2:30 Doing what works for her, boo boo. But you guys were all right.
2:47 Not eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. Just eating what she wants when she wants. Says she doesn’t eat breakfast LOL


First meal - sad and tiny piece of chicken with green mash. Says its chicken parmesan and broccoli. The chicken is covered with a marinara/cheese sauce that looks like do vomit. She makes her obnoxious grunts as she shoves it in her mouth. Still can’t pronounce muckbang correctly because her brain is lard. She rambles forever about some muckbanger saying ‘cheers’ before eating. Shows off her white, dry chicken meat that looks disgusting as fuck, sing-songs that it’s just the way she likes it. Says it’s 410 calories. I’d believe that if we knew what the sauce actually was, and if I didn’t know that there’s other food outside of that shit.

Segway about crying over stupid televisions hit and Becky making fun of her for it. Shut up, AL. Get back to the food, fatty.

Next meal - 550 calories. Broccoli, turkey meatballs, cauliflower/mashed potato mash with a ‘little bit of a gravy moment’. It looks like fucking vomit. UGH. Says it’s so good and so filling. I counted four meatballs and about a cup plus of sad, limp broccoli. Correction to last - when she holds it up, those meatballs are pretty massive, and that’s gotta be closer to 2 cups of broccoli. Orgasmic moaning about food here. My ears are trying to bleed, but my tiny black heart isn’t up to the task of making that happen. Professes she’s in heaven as she moans and smacks her lips and shit.

Rambling about going through a few months where she just had water, but she loves her some diet soda. Says she doesn’t have up to 6 a day anymore, now limits to one a day. Doesn’t even finish, so her half-drank bottles go into the fridge. What, is she drinking 2 liters?

More rambling, this time from pillow mountain. She forgot to film shit. Now she’s going to just tell us shit.

Unfilmed stuff - veggie nuggets from Buffalo Star - says she had 360 calories and 150 calories of ranch dressing on the side. Professes she’s going to end the night with Bluebell ice cream (vanilla and chocolate sundae cups) that’s 150 calories per cup. Probably going to have 2, according to her. I think she left off the word ‘boxes’.

Also had a Diet A&W soda.

Still loves Sprite Zero but can’t find it anymore.

Becky’s in the background on her phone. Says she’s been feeling better and doing okay. AL professes she’s cute as heck, Becky says ‘le nope’, and then there’s Twinkie Star laying like a sausage.

TL; DW and don't want to bother reading the spoiler tag: Mini muckbang that’s boring as fuck. Turkey meatballs look like dog yarf. Don’t bother.
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"I'm afraid to show my (weight loss) journey"

"Who cares what other people think"

She's back pedalling on showing her weight loss AGAIN. Jesus fuck this woman is unbearable. She'll change her mind about it again by the next video

Weigh ins? lol no, fuck u, have a mukbang and if you don't believe me that I'm losing weight while shoving down copious amounts of food down my throat then you're a haydur :roll:

And Hamber, the only people disagreeing with counting calories are landwhales like you.

So is she some kind of fat acceptance dike or something?

Just an excuse for her to not lose weight


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  • Excruciatingly long and boring video filled with fail-jumpcuts and dumb tangents
  • Being distracted by a brave new discovery in her own front yard
  • Whines about how hard it is being a freakshow on the internet to excuse doing anything but this
  • Uncut, disgusting eating segment that takes up a majority of the video
  • Re;tarded calorie guesstimates
  • Says she will show everything, proceeds to show nothing

Why the fuck do I keep coming back to watch these?