WHAT I ATE TODAY | JENNY CRAIG DAY 1- 11/08/20 - Curse You Estrogen!!!

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This is one hell of a strange diet. Cinnamon buns to breakfast and milk as snacks.
other than being over-processed garbage food the concept isn't all that strange. weight loss isn't that complicated--eat less, move more. the concept behind these weight loss programs is to offer prepackaged portions for morons like amberlynn who can't exhibit portion control for themselves.

amberlynn won't be successful because she can't help herself and will give up and end up beengeeng on twenty nuggets and a bag of chips and six full size chocolate bars, but the concept isn't that weird.

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Four boxes of pet fresh carpet cleaner? Someone be peeing on the floor... And what is Reviewbrah doing on the cat food bag?
The cat food bag vanished after dinner, when she said she was watching The Bachelorette and that she usually needs to stuff her face when watching shows. I hope the cat's not going to go hungry now :(


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So annoying. Who gets "pumped" to try shitty diet food? And there's not nearly enough of it to keep Al and her raging stomach happy. Just more bad acting and stupidity. Also, what's with all the jump cuts? What chu trying to hide, fatass?
BTW- Thumby needed 6 or 7 pieces of garlic bread for herself, huh? That Thumby, always eating sooo much food when poor Amber's over here trying to stick to her diet crap. Ha.

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Four boxes of pet fresh carpet cleaner? Someone be peeing on the floor... And what is Reviewbrah doing on the cat food bag?
I wouldn't be surprised if they're too lazy to regularly clean the litter box. Cats will shit and piss somewhere else if their boxes aren't kept clean and who would blame them, would you want to step on your own piss and shit to do your business?


Since Hamber doesn't ever say what the DATE is in her videos (so she can play the role of TimeLordLynn), pay attention to the oven/microwave clocks giving away what seems like a weird timeline.

(1:06) Hamber: "First mehl." No clocks shown.
(2:09) Hamber: "I just took a nap. I'm behind on my mehls. Supposed to eat every 2 hours. This is my 'first snack'." Clocks read 5:51 (am? pm?).
(3:24) Hamber: "This is my lunch. Becky's cooking her dinner." Microwave clock shows 1:02. So... 7 hours have passed? 19?
(6:03) Hamber: "It's time to eat yet again. Here's the other half of my banana from earlier." Clocks show 10:25? 9 hours passed? 21?
(7:40) Hamber: "It's dinnertime." Clocks show 12:05. 90 minutes passed?
(9:00) Hamber: "Last mehl, which is my 'snack'." Clocks show 1:05. Only an hour later?

So her first "day" somehow went from possibly hours before 6am (after which she had a 'nap'?) to 1am? That's supposedly everything she ate in a 24-hour period? Or the timelines are as wonky as that eye of hers? Becky's having dinner at 1:02pm? Sorry for the time-sperging, just seems like the best way to either catch some LAHs or shed some ring-light on Hamber's odd sleeping habits. (Someone else can have fun with the lip-smackeen and such. I'm out.)

Edit: Apparently the microwave clock showing "1:02" around the lunch/dinner time doesn't actually change during the segment that lasted over a minute, so now thinking it's a stopped timer, meaning it makes way more sense that she ate all of those on-camera foods between 6pm (post-nap) and 1am. Hamber having "lunch" after 6pm and "dinner" at midnight aligns with her dumb-ass sleep schedule and hoovering all 5 of those food sessions within 7 hours also seems about right.
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