WHAT I ATE TODAY | JENNY CRAIG DAY 1- 11/08/20 - Curse You Estrogen!!!

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That ugly old lady shirt is so damn tight.

Nothing has changed, this bitch is the most punchable cow.
What is it with obese land whales wearing tops that are just a ridiculous combination of random patterns? Houndstooth, plaid, filigree, gingham, stripes, glitter and more all mashed together into one single sin against fashion and all that is holy.

Is it meant to somehow camouflage or distract the eye from the sheer volume of meat hidden underneath?

On a side note, @Pudgy Bear Claws your avatar is a great example of one of these garments. Damn it's ugly.


Kiwis gonna kiwi.
Please, some medsperg help. It was talked about that fat stored estrogen, with an estrogen related cancer, she might be less than an average rx dose? (meds, please do correct me). If so it means estrogen is an even weaker leg to wobble on.
Honestly? It depends. There are so many different types, strengths, and combinations of hormones in BC pills that they can be hard to predict in terms of side effects, let alone how each individual woman reacts to them. It's common to try several before you find a brand that works for you. Maybe her dosage isn't right for her, maybe she has an insatiable desire to EAT ALL THE THINGS.


I hate this video in particular. She sounds exactly the way she did when she started Optavia, Weightwatchers, Noom - the cycle is a cycle for a reason.

I have said this in other threads, but Jenny Craig is similar to programs like Weightwatchers and Slimming World; they tell their customers that losing even a relatively small amount of weight will take years and years, so as to keep them returning to support groups, group-weigh-ins, and keep them on monthly subscriptions. In the UK at least, they are usually directed at older women who weigh 200-300lbs and who fluctuate the same 30lbs / 2 stone for years.

This idea of weight loss, obviously, is untrue, and for somebody Amber's size, it's just ridiculous. There is a reason why only shows like My 600lb Life have 500+lb patients on an immediate 1200 calorie diet. People at that level of obesity and with that level of mental illness do not have those Slimming World years to waste.

She would be the perfect customer for all these schemes if she didn't quit so readily, but she isn't just a frumpy 250lb housewife who wants to fit back into her jeans. She is 5'3" and supermorbidly obese to the point that she developed literal cancer. She is beyond the point that a brightly-coloured cheery British weightloss MLM can help her. She needs hard and fast weight loss, and I agree that surgery is likely her best option to lose the weight and keep it off, while attending therapy to deal with WHY she's the weight she is.

But honestly, if she got the surgery now, her overworked heart isn't what would kill her, it would be that very surgery. Thankfully she was denied - but if they had operated on her, she would have been at severe risk on the table. Then, assuming survival, she would immediately ignore the post surgery diet and stretch out her stomach again, opening up the possibility of ruptures and infection.

I really do not know what the fuck could be done for Amberlynn at this point. It seems most avenues have been exhausted.
I watched that god awful Slaton Sisters show, and they mentioned that post surgery you MUST stick to a liquid diet for a certain amount of weeks because the stitches need time to heal. Amy snuck food and got a rolicking off Dr Proctor for ignoring Drs orders to stay on a liquid diet, because she could have died.

With this knowledge, it is not a big surprise why Hamber was denied WLS, because she would most assuredly run into the binge monster and end up with a stomach blowout because she has exactly zero impulse control, even as her eating is killing her she can't stop. After a cancer scare even she CAN'T STOP!!

Lucille's Brands

Amber: “I did not lose the weight because of cancer!”

Morgan Freeman: “But she had, indeed, lost the weight due to cancer, and proceeded to gain another 100 pounds the following year.”
Just choked on a mouthful of coffee, this is genius.

Obligatory tongue thrust, shudder.

Ah, ConnoisseurLynn, appraising a protein shake as a sommelier would a quality wine..

This is beyond ridiculous, this Jenny Craig diet. The food looks virtually inedible. That burger looked like something a homeless person lifted from the dumpster behind McDonalds. What overpriced rubbish, such an unsustainable plan, and completely unsuitable for someone with the weight of several women to lose.

I wonder when she filmed this? I'd be surprised if this upload wasn't actually recorded during her muh mentalz break.
Re the clock in the background, I read a comment that it appeared she ate all these meals from 5pm to 1am, I haven't checked the video again to see if that seems plausible.
Did anyone catch what Becky said, 3:16, right before Amber did the electric slide in a vain attempt to hide the tray of garlic bread? Sounded like 'you want it now?' And who actually says 'lol'..

Edit, looked it up, and garlic Texas toast has 150 cals a slice. Eight slices is the entire box, which Becky's cooking for one person, totalling 1,200 calories (coincidentally the same daily calorie allowance given on Jenny Craig).
According to the manufacturer, 1 slice is a serving. No surprise there. They didn't get to the sizes they are understanding portions.
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Billie Ross

You know, a huge part of me fully believes that she simply ate all if this crap within an hour. Its not unusual as she has done this shit before. She probably changed the time on the oven for each clip and was too stupid to know what times normal people would usually eat.
She was just probably eating as snacks for the camera, reason she even kind of forgot about it for a while during the day.
I don't know why people find hard for Hambo to inhale a lot of calories daily.
Let's say 2 of her favourite snacks while watching a series episode:
1 family size potato chips bag- 1k kcals
200gr of reese's cups or Dove bar- 1k kcals .
Easy 2000 kcals in a 30mins snack
add to that one of her take away meals that will be around 3000 kcals and you already have 5000 kcals.
Let's say a pint of Ben and Jerry's before bed time, another 1.500 kcals.
6.500 kcals ( not counting more snacks, other meals or sugary drinks) and for Hambo isn't even that much of food.
If we translate these calories to fresh food you could have 6lbs of chicken breast, 24 eggs and 10 bananas, who can eat that?
It's all about choices....


Cw cooking
The ultimate issue with DietLynn is and has always been the mystery food in the house. She went on a big kick where she was being healthy and had boxes and boxes of junk food above the refrigerator. It has been so bad in the past that EditorLynn censored parts of her video because even she knew blaming it on the Muppets and Thumby wasn't going to cut it. Beckster may have gained a lot back since she dramatically lost last year, but she still isn't miss binge with all that Texas Toast.

Also, the time jumps in this video are intense. We all know you sleep constantly and have a weird schedule Hamber, why you editing everything like it's a single timeline when that clock is jumping more than a Double Dutch competition?
If you ever watched MSPL you will see fatties fail in this aspect when there are other fatties in the house. They will help themselves to whatever the other person is having or guilt them into sharing it, on top of their healthy diet food. Or a binge happens and our gorl can either make a healthy meal or grab the first instant thing. They are obviously too co-dependent for just one of them to diet.

Also the burger looks like it was from a can.
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some cunt

fan with a short attention span
I bet she ate all those meals back to back; the amount of daylight visible was consistant throughout the video meaning not much time has passedin between each plate. It's fucking winter and gets dark early, looks like she woke up, ate breakfast (fucking cinnamon rolls?), then orange and chocolate, salad, burger and other nom noms on top of what's not shown on camera. Piggy pigout.


1. What's worse than a Spongebob tattoo at the age of 30? A child's temporary press on tattoo where the bloated thumb undoubtedly got from a grocery store gum ball machine during one of the countless grocery hauls

2. Already on day one, she's doing the thing she does, where she sets up the oncoming failure. With the forced positive cadence in her tone, she's careful to emphasize how great she feels and all the wonderful benefits of <insert weight loss program> but throws out the "head honger" and how she's breaking from her routine of eating family of four dinners and snacks, this is very, very triggering y'all. That way in the video later this week, where she admits she's failed yet another weight loss program, she can take the blame off herself without trashing the program, because she's at least functioning enough to know those bridges you shouldn't burn (either for the sponsorships or to avoid the backlash from those on the program or the program itself)


Local tard forgot password to account
I still do not understand why she felt that she needed to start a very restrictive diet such as Jenny Craig. All people going through bariatric surgery needs to get on a low-calorie diet before surgery, but she is months away from it. She needs to get a full physical assessment then psychological counselling that even she said that it might that up to two years. She would need to see a nutritionist assess her nutrition. We know that she is not the brightest star in the universe, but even she should know that all such diets in the past have failed, Optavia, Noom, etc. Why torturing yourself on something that would inevitably fail.
Amber's brain runs on a binary circuit; Fat? Go on X diet. Diet doesn't work? Go to next. Run out of diets? Give up.

Lucille's Brands

Coming back to the garlic toast hiding, 3:16, it looks like -
Becky 'Do you want it now?'
Amber 'What?'
Becky 'Would you like it now?' (Holding tray of toasts)
Amber 'Lol'
Such a weird response, and smacks of 'shut up, Becky'.
So basically Becky was asking would you like your spaghetti, garlic bread etc now or later. If so, JC was abandoned in hours. Why wouldn't she have edited that out, either way?
I've thought about this far too much.

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