WHAT I ATE TODAY | JENNY CRAIG DAY 2 11/10/20 - Feat. horrifying chicken slop

some cunt

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More like she's getting so massive her head appears to shrink. And yes, she'll be bald by 40.
It's like with what happened to her eyebrows, the same amount of hair was still there but because she was getting so fat, the skin inevitably stretches and spreads out the hair folicules. This leads to a 'baldening' if you will, but fucked up hormone levels and overall poor health from a shitty diet will not help that hair look any better no matter how tough her genes are. She's past her peak and the signs of decay are setting in already at only 30. It's all downhill from here, one mukbang at a time.


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Amber: "12 hours of eating and 12 hours of fasting"

Normal people just refer to that as, normal, regular time, not as 'the time in which they are not stuffing their muzzle.'

Also, no Ambs, that chicken does not taste like you just made it, if it tasted like you mad e it, it would taste like onion flavored rubber.

Hams: "I cooked this broccoli from scratch"

Only Hams would call heating up some broccoli as cooking it from scratch, never change, gorl :biggrin:

And what dainty little puffs of air she blows at the potato!


I think this is just a clever way to bring mukbangs back to get that coin. she knows the thumbnails of her eating get the most clicks. Maybe like suspected she got flagged for the unhealthy ones (whole chicken, the sausage fest) but here she can say she is on a healthy diet and it's not an eating disorder.


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Why did she eat the second snack if she didn’t feel hungry? I’m 100% sure her consultant didn’t mean ‘follow the plan and eat when you’re not hungry’. Skipping a snack isn’t going to kill her.
She wants to cast the illusion that she's staying on program. If we're to assume that she's actually following the diet without supplementing her in-betweens with 5 pounds of rice then she's probably trying to hit a certain calorie goal for the day. Amber's notorious for feeling uncomfortable when her daily intake is less than 2000.


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Guys...i know, i m a huge Asshole for saying this but...
i seriously wish, Amber will not be triumphend with the dam WLS...

Imagine, what a smug ass Cunt she will be, when she sheds all those Pounds...
for the Case she will be successful, at least all her lose Fatflaps can be wraped
around her like a Breakfast-Burrito -.-


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More like she's getting so massive her head appears to shrink. And yes, she'll be bald by 40.
Anyone watching Amber for her weight loss journey will be disappointed. Anyone watching her for her hair loss journey will not.

I wish we knew when Chantal started going bald so we could have some idea of how Amber's progression will go.

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There's a lot to unpack here:

1. Amber put in a "weigh in" x2 and doesn't understand water weight. Still. Somehow.
2. Amber says she is fasting for 12 hours of a 24 hour day. Does this mean sleeping counts for intermittent fasting?
3. Amber broke on day 2 as evidenced by how her meal 6 wasn't "Jenny Craig style". New poll on how long she's going to continue her faking?

I did enjoy lesbian banana preference talk.