WHAT I ATE TODAY | JENNY CRAIG DAY 3 - SmugLynn returns and creams her panties while eating microwaved pasta

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I was like - whuuuuut???
Jul 7, 2019
Albert, Albert, Albert - 'listening to your gut' is precisely the reason you got to 600lbs...I'd find a better voice to listen to if I were you...

That fucking thumbnail is especially vile... can't work out whether she looks disgusted by the food or she's actually spewing onto her fork...


Same clothes, same earrings, same day... gluttonous fucking hog-beast

Can't believe there are still people who think this gigantic troll is genuine...she thinks she's so clever, so funny, all whilst crying that it's 'unfair' she doesn't know if her 'cancer' is gone...and she has the gall to wonder why people detest her

It's bollocks-all to do with her being 'fat' (sorry love, 'fat' came and went 300 elbees ago) it's because she's trash and will always BE trash

I for one would actually respect the hog if she just said 'you know what? Food is what I love, and if it kills me, meh' rather than this pathetic dance she keeps doing

Slappy McGherkin

Bartender? Make that a double.
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Mar 28, 2019
Let’s Play Screenshots! In order, Jenny day one, Jenny Day two, Panera cheat day, Jenny day three.
You can see difference between day 1, 2, and 3. But 3 and 4 are identical, even to the position of the bananas on the counter. Meaning they hadn't been touched.

Bananas age quickly. Just like our gorl.

Turd Fergusson

Jul 28, 2019
It is clear that she has no idea how to lose weight. She will use the "manic" moment when she wants to overeat. Technically, she will eat all the JC food then add other food when she is hungry. Do not forget, she replaced the JC snacks with the Panera sandwiches and the chilli. So we are all good.

About cutting her hair. One suggestion that is made to female patients with long hair that will be undergoing chemotherapy is to shorten slowly their hair so that when the chemo starts affecting the hair follicles, they will have a short hair cut. It is a lot less traumatic to lose clumps of short hair than long strands. It is also easier to check how wigs will look. I am not sure if this is what she is doing, but this is my speculation.


Mar 28, 2020
I hate to say this because agreeing with something Amber does makes my fucking stomach roil, but if she did do what she said and got back on the J-Cregg after her Panera binge, good for her. Getting back to a diet after a poor meal or a slip up is a good choice for long term behaviours. If she kept this up it would do her the world of good. Will she? Absolutely fucking unlikely. But I hope she felt the satisfaction of doing what's right for her diet and wants it to continue :optimistic:

beautiful person

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Apr 2, 2019
I can't listen to her go on about her own alleged thought process and how supposedly she finally 'gets it' without thinking "you're so full of shit." It's like a visceral, gun-trigger thought: "You're so full of shit."

Like she tries to feign self-awareness over recognizing obvious self-sabotaging behavior, but makes it into this grand thing where she ~listened to her gut for the first time~ and it's just...

She's so full of shit, guys.


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Nov 8, 2016
stop saying gut holy shit
That's going to become part of her trolling checklist along with "situation" "point blank period" and the horrible way she pronounces "kitten" and "important". Speaking of her gut, remember, that's what she used for her excuse to quit the weight loss doctor's diet last year.

She thinks she cut her hair because she was in a "manic moment"? It's the first sensible thing she's done with her hair in years. :story: Really, it looks much better (but Becky is lying off her ass if she's telling Amber it makes her look younger).

I wonder if she's going to lay off that zit on her cheek so it can heal or if it'll still be there to ring in the new year.


Jan 3, 2018
hmmm... tries to make sense but not really. is this the same day as the last video. I don't know. she sleeps in her clothes. Did she have Panera for breakfast when she woke up at 2 PM? Then 6 hours later decided to eat all of the JC food from scooty puffing around Target? maybe stuck to just the salad and apple since she already ate her calories for the day.

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