WHAT I ATE TODAY | JENNY CRAIG DAY 3 - SmugLynn returns and creams her panties while eating microwaved pasta

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If Amber saw the 'right' celebrity touting any diet when she's inclined to pretend to want to lose weight, that's what she's going to choose.

She wasn't happy that she was told she wasn't getting WLS any time soon; if her appointment even happened. I was inclined to believe it might have; the process she described for getting cleared seemed accurate enough - until she said she was told she had to get therapy to completely 'cure' her underlying issues before any surgery would be considered. Mind you, she may have simply chosen to report it that way or heard it that way. She's notorious for hearing things incorrectly or putting her own spin on things.

A more reasonable condition would have been to show she is doing therapy to work on her many issues & the therapist can honestly report she's making progress AND with several months of consistent weight loss, she shows she can follow an eating plan.

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It is clear that she has no idea how to lose weight.

As it ever was.

I swear she's in full bipolar manic episode right now. This is really disgusting.

She is not bipolar. Like everything else, she just likes to have something handy to blame instead of taking responsibility for her own choices.

i was wondering, why Amber would order a 2 year subscription about that Food...and i might have found the Answer...
first, she made an Appointment at a Weightloss Doctor...then she thought, after i had my Surgery i only need tiny Bits of Food..
so she ordert that from JC...then she met the WL Doc and he didn t clear her for the operation...
Amber maybe ordert that for AFTER the she got her Stomach/band or half removal..
She told the Do.. i lost already 89 LBS but the Doc can t just take her Word, he need to see that she s able to lose Weight
before he lays her on a Table...so he said like Dr Now, she need to lose more...
Amber wanted to use the JC Food then to lose Weight and just ...didn t had enough Willpower to go through it..
that would be the only Explanation i found, that would fit for the sub O.o

I am not sure why people think that Amber had bariatric surgery.

I don't think they think this - they're trying to figure out why she would order this crap before she went to the WL doc (as if she would start eating this junk directly afterward when we all know it's liquid only for like a month, thanks to Dr Now). What I wonder is how anyone believes she has the mental capacity to think ahead in that manner or would want to.

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