WHAT I ATE TODAY | JENNY CRAIG DAY 4 11/16/20 - Still in denial about falling Jenny Craig


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First off, you don't put bananas in the refrigerator, you moron.
Secondly, no one should ever believe anything Amber says ever. YEARS people have been telling her to see a therapist. Has she? Hell no. Amber knows Amber best and seeing a therapist smells too much like effort. No way she'll drag her ass outta bed early for anything other than crap food.
Pull the other one, fatass.


This bitch and her Jenny Kreg, not a single successful day on it.

If she ever gets legitimately diagnosed with ANY mental illness she will NEVER let it go. I'm talking documented diagnosis not her taking a suggestion and running with it or diagnosing herself based on what she's read online.

No, you're not eating all this shit because MUHH MENTALSS IS SO scAary. You simply lack self control and seem to get kicks out of being as big as you are. She does not want to lose weight. She loves showing off her body (for some odd reason), she loves to watch herself eat on camera, she loves talking about how her hard her life is because she's grotesquely obese.

She equates being greedy to automatically having an eating disorder. That's not how it bloody works.

I hate seeing people giving her credit for ''recognising'' that she needs a therapist, she doesn't give a shit. She only wants one so she can drone on about her mental state more often and garner even more pity. I bet every new video for the next month will come back down to ALR and her broken poets mind.


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“I has to cure my mentalz before I can be serious about losing weight.”

Living with a giant enabling thumb surely isn’t an issue right?
Honestly? Considering that she can order food delivery, and the fact that feeding Becky (whose ass is also fattening up at a quick pace, btw) cuts into money she could spend on food for herself, and the fact that she might show some restraint around Becky (at least more than she would if she were all alone)? No, living with Becky probably isn't an issue.
I wonder why she only realizes now that she will not be able to lose weight unless she gets psychotherapy. I am sure that she has been told numerous times before that this is the only way she can resolve all her issues.
You know how sometimes she says things that you can tell she doesn't really mean but she's saying them anyway because it's what her viewers want to hear? This is one of those times.
I'm thinking the therapist will last one session before she comes up with some excuse not to go anymore, in true Hamberlynn fashion. I highly doubt she'll go at all because why now?
She's supposedly gone to one before, she would take pictures of her feet in the waiting room and post them on Snapchat or IG or something. I want to say it was in 2018, before the instance with Better Help. I could be wrong about the year though, she's done a lot of repeats.
She'll definitely go to the therapist, and I believe will actually stick with it for quite a few sessions. Not to improve her mental health, though, of course—she'll only go until she receives an official diagnosis (or diagnoses) and can get her therapist to give her a signed document listing them.
Now that would be something she hasn't done before. We never saw any actual proof of the diagnoses she claimed to have gotten in 2019, although her medication list that was shown in her "Here's your proof" video suggests she is at least on the medication she claimed to be on.
Now Becky must turn a blind eye on Albert binges because she herself also enjoys some unhealthy things once in a while (or everyday) (my guess is good ol alcohol).
Let's not kid ourselves. Becky doesn't give a shit what Amber does or what Amber eats as long as Amber is buying Becky whatever Becky's little teenage heart desires. And considering how fat Becky was looking in the video the other day, she's drinking a lot if her food intake hasn't changed.


What the scale meant to say. Also, it's pretty nice not hearing a stupid fucking intro anymore or golf_club_hits_golf_ball.mp3

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Since Amber appears to be taking our personal requests I, as a clock sperg, would like a clear shot every meal.

I would be surprised that she's sticking to her line that she is still on a diet but it's Hamber. She be better off in terms of money if she just filled in her feeder audience members by filming a Dainty Gorl Binge.

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This utter trolling cow, she fucking DARES to do the 'Italian hand gesture' meme while choking down reheated pasta.
She KNOWS we're watching. (TBH, I'm watching the archive vid b/c I will burn in Hell before I give this retarded hick one single cent of ad revenue.)
Then she has the fucking unending NERVE to tell us how she doesn't like pasta that's too squishy. OOOOH, Hamber, you're SUCH a gourmand!
Do you like Al Dente? He played shortstop for the Dodgers back in the 60s. You stupid hack.
Now fuck off, you squat pig, but not before you SHOW LAYYGS.

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Do Jenny Craig & similar plans not offer substitutions if you are allergic to or loathe specific foods? I would think in this time of demanding consumers, that would be a given. Boggles my mind she ordered the scrambled eggs if she really believes she has a problem with them.

Her genuinely home made meals are very few & far between so I'll take her gushy: "tastes like home made!" with not a grain of but a whole salt lick.

Not sure why she suddenly admits to a binge but a list of items & quantities thereof would be informative.

Gonna reserve judgement on her decision to make an appointment. However the fact that she said: "I made AN appointment" rather than: "I'm starting therapy for my issues" is not auspicious.

The one thing she said today that I genuinely believe without question is: "Food is more important to me than losing weight."

If she's using that as part of long term scheming, it's a very poor gambit. It's the crucial realization most have gone on & on about, (myself included); in the sense that she had to recognize that before finding a meaningful way forward. Now that it's been said, it can't be unsaid or waved away at her convenience.

So is she being honest with us? Way too early to tell; it's possible she had a light bulb moment but history would suggest otherwise. Frankly, what she says & does for her audience matters not a bit; we're not the ones trapped in a self induced, self sustained, morbidly obese body. We're not the ones who can't walk, can't do ordinary things without thought - including breathe freely & easily or who are dependent to a frightening degree on another person to handle basic life chores.

On 1 of her other social media the other night, she claimed it wasn't fair that her long term recovery from cancer was still in question, that she was supposed to be poised to have a "big life".

Yup, a lot happens in your 30s or can or should. You should have enough basic life experiences to make the tougher decisions that come with advancing age & maturity, should be firmly on your life path personally & in your work & community world & while you are certainly going to have Bad Life Things to deal with, you have both the experience & energy to deal or figure out how to. There are also some incredible good times to be had that you're finally old enough to appreciate.

But even if she was a skinny legend of 120 lbs.; if nothing other than her weight were different, she'd still be living not a life but a small, sad existence; corralled by her hapless, helpless attitude towards... anything.

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She'll probably go to a therapist for a few sessions, because she loves to start new things, she just never sees anything through, so she wont go more than two or three times at the most. After her one session, she'll post a video and talk about how much she's loving therapy. She'll say that her therapist is absolutely the best and she or he is helping Amber to FINALLY get to the root of her emotional/mental issues and now at long last she's starting to understand why she can't stick to a diet and why she constantly sabotages herself by binging. She'll say that she knows this is just the beginning and that she realizes that she's not going to be cured of her problems right away, that she knows that it is going to take a long time, but she's willing to put in the time and effort to become healthy. Somewhere within that rant she'll take a shot at the hayders , probably saying something like "I know people have commented that I wont stick with therapy and that Ill quit after a few weeks, but my therapist taught me that it's because those people just dont want me to get healthy because they feel better about themselves when I fail, but I'm not going to let negative people stop me from doing what works for me" She'll end the video talking about how excited she is to be embarking on her new journey towards mental health.

Then she wont mention therapy again until she posts the inevitable "Why I quit therapy" video, where she'll talk about how she realized it just wasn't for her because..reasons.
Also, Becky looks like a guy from the back, yikes!
She doesn't exactly look like the dainty flower of femininity from the front either.