WHAT I ATE TODAY | JENNY CRAIG DAY 5- 11/18/20 - Our Gorl's Not Giving Up

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I would give a longform recap but here is a short summary:
  • NOT giving up
  • my reachuns are NOT exaggerated
  • why would I lie to you? I've never lied before!!
  • this food is GOOD
  • traineen myself not to think about food all the time
  • I need to learn how to chew! My mudder does the same theeng!
Review: the bitterness and seething anger that were once undertones are now overtones. Hamboat is furious that her dieting videos are not well-received and people are breaking through the shit screen she installs, faster than previous cycles. It is very clear that people are over her bullshit and are ripping her from armpit to asshole in the comments. I anticipate the Jenny Craig arc will be over by week's end.

Also, at approximately 8:05, you can hear Beggy moaning from the other room. She has either found her buried clit or stubbed her beetus toes on a bed post.

ETA: I just realized that she intentionally changed her filming setup for today's video. Neither the microwave nor oven clocks are visible in this angle.
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She says she has successful days and unsuccessful days, but I don't think she has had a single successful Jinny Kregg day.

Here is my obligatory analysis of her meal times:
  • Breakfast 2PM
  • Snack One, immediately following nap, clock not visible. ALR typically has 1-3 hour spaces between her meals.
  • Lunch, clock not visible. could be anywhere from 4PM to 8PM
  • Snack Two, 10PM
  • Dinner, Clock not visible, so it should be any time from 11PM to 2AM BUT
  • Snack Three was 12:45AM, which does not follow her recent trend.
This means that she had snack two, dinner, and snack three all within a 3 hour period.

- highlight, when she pointed to the cheese on the lunch meat and said "this is two protein."

also, something about the way she always says "bell pepper" instead of pepper(s) bothers me.

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Hey...but guyz, guyz...The meatloaf had gravy on top of it!
GRAVY...on MEATLOAF! Who has ever heard of such a strange and exotic combination?...apparently not Hamber! It's like the most amazing scientific breakthrough. To repeat, Jenny Craig meatloaf comes with gravy! NOT some type of red ketchupness, which is all any meatloaf previous to this has ever had, but actually, legit fucking GRAVY!!

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Is that only me, but she looks like a 12-year-old teen going to a birthday party that was allowed to use her mother's make-up set? I also find it strange that she is wearing the same dress and make-up from meal 1 to her last meal. Most people would get change after work or during the day with something more comfortable especially if they wore a descent frock.

Since she has absolutely nothing interesting to film, she may as well keep showing the Jenny Craig diet till the end of the week. We all know that Amber is delusional, and her telling us that she is still following the diet makes it true even if she eats other stuff. I guess it was the same with WW when she entered into the programme her highest weight so that she would have more points. In reality, she is "easing" into the Jenny Craig diet, so that eventually, she will eat only that food.