WHAT I ATE TODAY | JENNY CRAIG DAY 5- 11/18/20 - Our Gorl's Not Giving Up

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For those professing that estrogen can in fact be contributing to her weight gain as she claims...

Are we forgetting that this isn't adding to her estrogen quantities? She had her ovaries removed. Her normal mode of estrogen creation is gone. This is replacement for what she lost due to her hysterectomy, not compiled on what she'd normally produce. It prevents her from going through menopause at 30.

She just needs to blame her failures on something other than herself.


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I read that "the real Italians" do not eat raw tomatoes only cooked and very important: peeled and the seeds removed because they know that it is a nightshade vegetable that in high amounts - the kind of amounts "real Italians" probably consume it is not ideal for human consumption. So maybe some people get that instinctively but certainly not the Hambeast. I would agree with her tomatoes are probably too fresh, too natural and hence too bland for her taste buds.
Late but that's absolute bollocks lol, what "real Italians" did they talk to?

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Late but that's absolute bollocks lol, what "real Italians" did they talk to?

They talked to this 25% real Italian


jesus, her eyes look dead in this video. she's just shoving food down her throat without any care or enthusiasm. everything she says is forced. you know she's only doing this so she can say she tried, since god knows a ton of commenters have probably suggested jenny craig and she needed a new diet for views.

i wonder if her cancer worries are making her binge more than before. someone did mention that she accidentally posted publicly about her health concerns and was scared the cancer would come back, and if it did, that would mean she wouldn't be eligible for chemotherapy because of her weight. i think it's fairly obvious that that news is making her care even less, as if that were possible.
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It cannot be overstated how insane the amount of food you have to eat to gain or maintain at this beast's size is. She could be FEASTING daily at 3000 calories and be dropping pounds every week for a long time before she has to adjust down again.

It's all relative, 3,000 calories could be a feast to people in or around normal weight. That said, anyone whose tracked calories, macros etc knows those fuckers add up quick. It's very easy to overshoot your target.
Also, these fats can put away in excess of 2,500 calories in one sitting, without breaking a sweat.
They fuck their bodies up so badly, eating the volumes and processed crap they do. As Dr Nowzaradan says, with a stomach the size of a football, you're never going to be full. They couldn't 'only' eat 3,000 a day if they tried. They would literally think they're starving. Or so hongry, per Amber.

Not sure why all this is on my mind today. Maybe it's because if these deathfats ever really applied themselves and retrained their palates, they'd see there is a vast world of food out there they're missing. And it makes me a bit sad that people do miss out on this sort of thing.

That's the irony, grown assed women, killing themselves eating fast food rubbish 5 year olds like, when there's a world of gorgeous food and flavour out there.

According to Amber the cancer didn't reach her lymph nodes, so cancer weight loss isn't happening.

(Also legit weight loss isn't happening either; we all know she's gaming her damn high capacity industrial shipping scale to make herself look better on her imaginary trip down Jenny Cregg Lane.)

..imaginary trip down Jenny Cregg Lane, absolutely fantastic. Bang on understandment of the situation type deal.
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Highly unlikely cancer would cause weight loss either. That's typically a late stage symptom also accompanied by food aversion, which we sure don't see here. A cancer patient simply cannot eat, their body is possibly dying and food makes them feel terrible. (Families usually don't understand and try to get them to eat to hope they gain strength, but they can't, it's a symptom of a late stage cancer, look up cachexia for more info.)

Early on, weight loss is often a product of stress more than anything. But if it was a spread of cancer, this would not be the only symptom. At this point, Amber is considered cured. She doesn't have a type of cancer that usually regrows, so I think we can rule that out. Not to say she couldn't get another type, of course. Is she's really getting a hormone replacement? Seems odd to give to somebody so fat.

If Amber is losing (which I always find hard to believe) it's because she's temporarily eating less. Definitely not cancer.
Thank you. Makes sense.
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