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This video is even too low effort for Amber. I am speechless.

Goal: Eat 1600 calories

What she ate:
2 aaaayyyyygggssss
3 bacons

A foot long subway sub
2 bags of chips
2 subway cookies

Papa Mexicana (Papa is potato in Spanish) which is basically Nachos with Fries instead of chips.
2 servings of rice
Chips and Salsa

Mint chocolate ice cream with tard cum because that is how she has always done it y’all.

Big ups to Amber sucking her teeth at the last minute. Here I thought we would get a video without the teeth sucking but I was wrong.
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"Off track"? She hasn't been on track. She doesn't even have a track.

I'm not being facetious; she has outlined no specific plan to lose weight or get less swollen. People for years kept saying they wanted 'weigh ins' and she just decided "fuck it, throw 100 weigh ins at them. Doesn't matter if they're a month late, lazily filmed, forgotten, or without purpose whatsoever. I'm giving these haydurs what they want, and I still get bullied for it. SOMETHING SOMETHING OTHER YOUTUBERS."


This bitch really REALLY thinks that was 3k? I love how she put the plus on the end of it.

More like 6k daily.
Came here to say this. She didn't tell us which Subway sandwich she got, but definitely did not account for the calories in the toppings. Also, I would guess that those chips at subway have more than one serving per bag, but she likely only used the "calories per serving" count. Finally, if she admits that the Subway meal was 1600 cal, how can she think that all of that Mexican<1400 cal in order for her total to be 3000!‽‽‽‽‽? She is the dumbest funt on the internet.


She was probably closer to 4,000 calories, meal three alone would be at least 2000 calories and that one was such a carb overload with fries, rice , chips and then ice cream. Man her blood sugar must have spiked sky high after that.

I also have no doubt she eats like this daily and then some.


Daddy needs his feel good juice
this is why people get angry with this bitch; she points out how she's fucking up but does absolutely nothing to correct it or fix it the next time.

"I forgot to weigh in" so go weigh in
"I don't know what I'm going to eat today" so meal prep/plan, you who are trying to lose weight & have BED
"I usually go off track" so set your day up so that you don't go off track

I think I'm going to be on track, but somehow I end up failing
"somehow"...because those fast food companies come to her house and force feed her, right? Even the verbage of "this is how I eat when I'm off track", poopoo peepee THIS IS HOW YOU EAT PERIODT

I don't know who she thinks she's fooling by acting excited about this weightloss clinic. She won't last longer than a month and I am being very generous


Alright, now I'm convinced that the real reason Amber wants to see her mom isn't because she wants to see her before she dies. I also don't think it's just to make people pity her.
Now I think she's trying to coax her mom into coming in to "save" her, so she can then guilt her mom for never being there to take care of her, and convince her to become Amber's caretaker to make up for her lost childhood or whatever. The need for the shit to be wiped from her San Andreas fault of an ass is getting too extreme and she's too ashamed to prove everyone right by asking Becky to do it for her. Who better to ask than her mom?
Because homegirl clearly doesn't care enough to make an effort.

Dry Gorl

Thoughts slip in my mind like maggots on a train
"I have been falling off track every day"
"This was not a binge day, this was just me overeating"

What a convoluted way to say that this is her usual eating pattern. Gorl, you can't "fall off track" if you've never been on track.

At first I thought she posted this because she needs more money/views, but then I saw the video is barely 5 mins long. No crying, no eating on camera. Boring low-effort garbage. Boo.

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