I get sick when i eat twoards the higher end of 1600-2000....I can't imagine what eating 4000 calories in a day would feel like. This girl has got to shit like it's no one's business. And she can't wipe on top of it. Damn.
To be fair most of what Amber eats is empty calories coated in salt or sugar, so void of nutrition her body probably does think it's starving even as she shovels thousands of kcals into her mouth.

Yeah, I have no problem seeing how she stuffs between 4-10k calories down her throat every day. Especially with all the low fat/no fat condiments, milk, drinks etc you know she uses. Americans love that stuff, but it actually has the opposite from desired effect because they generally replace the fat with sugar... which also makes you fat (dumber too, not good for that brain in large quantities), AND hungry because the food has no substance, so you eat more.

I mean I know it's shocking to everyone else but really, Amber is not in any way special in her over consumption. Statistically more and more people are rocking the Amber bod every year in the states because their low income food is literally designed to make them fat, stupid and dead before they cost the taxpayers too much money. Welcome to the future, it's wommart for dinner!


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She buys subs. (as in subscribers, though she also buys plenty of sandwiches)

speaking of...those two bags of chips...makes me want to revisit Fear and Loathing in Lexington.

I had two bags of chips, two eggs and 3 bacons, a footlong turkey sub on Italian herbs and cheese with two chocolate chip cookies, Papas Mexicana, which is a whole galaxy of fries and cheese laced with chicken and the occasional vegetable for good measure, also a quart of mint chocolate chip, a quart of m.elk, a tin of Spanish rice, and chips n' salsa. All of this was rounded up this afternoon by Becky, in a frenzy of drunk driving all over Monticello, from Subway to Casa Grande, she picked up everything I wanted to get my fat hands on. Not that I needed all that to eat in a day, but once you get locked into a serious food collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can. The only thing that worried me was the Mexican. There's nothing in the world more helpless and disgusting than a grown woman with the shits from a food binge. And I knew that the toilet would be clogged soon, probably after the next stomach gurgle.
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If she would have taken the fries out of that last meal she ate it would essentially be keto and not bad, but of course she didn’t. Revolting.
My understanding of Keto would be that the rice, ice cream, milk, bread on the sandwich, cookies and chips would all be banned. It’s all white flour and/or sugar. The only thing Keto was her breakfast.


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I used to assume that she was afraid of missing out on/forgetting the taste of her favorite foods before I realized she mostly consumes tasteless salt bombs. Is she afraid she'll forget what it's like to stuff herself beyond reason?
News flash, AL: Losing the weight means that it takes less food to feel like you're stuffed beyond reason (on the very select amount of days one may choose to do that to themselves). If she likes being full so much, you'd think she'd want to hit a healthy weight. At a healthy weight, feeling full is actually possible while eating a reasonable amount of calories.

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My understanding of Keto would be that the rice, ice cream, tard cum, bread on the sandwich, cookies and chips would all be banned. It’s all white flour and/or sugar. The only thing Keto was her breakfast.
I’m just using keto as a buzzword I suppose, chicken, veggies and cheese fall under low carb which is keto to me.
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Wait... Everything is in a TAKEOUT container, hamber isn't even stopping at these places or going out for it. This bitch made her thumby Buttler drive out to get a footlong, 2 bags of chips, and 2 cookies from subway which went over her daily calorie count... And STILL put in another order with necky at dinnertime for thousands of calories more. Just a casual OFF-TRACK day, nothing to see here gorls just a day where she "doesn't care".


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I’m astounded that she’s still alive, with zero exercise and a ton of junk each day she should be a swollen corpse right now.
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