What I Ate Today | Operation Curvycaloriies | Episode 2 5/8/2020 -

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135 points in one day?‽‽ Gorl what?? Way back when my mom did WW in the 90s, she got like 18 or 20 points. AL gets 71 points and still went over??

Our dainty queen only eats once or twice a day 🙄, she definitely should be eating at least 5 times a day. She's down .4 lbs today, yes queen!
Not only that but she counts a lot of what she eats as "zero" points. Case in point, her live the other day. She counted her canned chicken as zero points. Idk how she expects to lose weight like that. She could eat 10 cans of it, and still be like "I have all my points left!" WW doesn't work for her. I honestly thought maybe she was trying to get sponsored, but they'd be fools to sponsor her given her past.

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Had to abandon the room I was in to watch this in peace without the goblin trying to watch over my shoulder. Fortunately 'River Monsters' is a great distraction for goblins.


0:00 ‘Hey guise!’ Hey Amber.

0:04 Episode 2 of Operation Curvycaloriies or some shit. I’m so fucking enthused. The intro is dumb as fuck.

0:26 Her volume settings are absolute crap. Because after being ear-raped by her intro, I couldn’t hear what she was saying. Rewind, crank the volume, and she’s super duper excited.

0:32 If we have no idea what she’s talking about, we need to watch the first episode (fuck you) and then proceeds to say that we’re here for a ‘little operation moment’ because she’s a fatass. Going to do 100 days of Weight Watchers.

0:56 Talking about how yesterday went. Apparently it was shit.

1:10 Has 75 daily points and 45 additional weekly points. Holy shitballs, that’s an amazing amount of points! I don’t even do WW, but I know people who do, and they found that astonishing.

1:15 Had 135 points in total yesterday. Holy fuck! Massive fail, and she acknowledges it.

1:36 Professes she’s on her ‘lady time’ and she craves the worst foods ever when she’s on her period. Proclaims she’s proud that she’s logged all of her foods, and is trying to remain in her points today.

2:03 Showing everything she ate today and showing the points.

2:13 Says she needs to eat more often. Says she was eating only 1-2 meals a day and that’s not working for her. Wants to bring it to 5 meals a day. Not full meals, but more like 5 times a day whether it be snacks or meals. Doesn’t care about eating breakfast for breakfast, but rather just eat when she wants.

2:50 Acknowledges that people question why she does it, and says she wants to eat what she wants when she wants. States she gets hangry when she only eats once a day.

3:23 Daily weigh in at 500.2. No sound or anything.

3:36 Down 72.4 lbs total, down .4 from the day before.

3:48 Goes on to talk about her symptoms and her eye twitching and left-side pain. I’m tuning out, which is fine, because she doesn’t want to talk about it. Has another doctor’s appointment the next day (tomorrow, after whenever the fuck this was filmed).

4:29 Disclaimer - there’s eating in the video. On to what she ate today.

4:43 Making a horror starry. Season - pepper, minced onion, garlic salt, onion powder. Virgin olive oil. Minced garlic. General Tso stir fry sauce (5 tbsp). Less sodium soy sauce. Sliced water chestnuts. Whole baby corn. Not using rice this go round. Also cooking chicken tenderloins. Says tenderloins are points, breasts aren’t.

5:56 Shows it. It looks like shit. Says she’s going to take the sauce down to 3 tablespoons because it’s all fucking general tso brown.

6:29 Going to eat the whole thing throughout the day. Spoons up some of her shit. It looks like absolute ass. This is turning me off from the dinner I am having while I recap this crap. Ugh.

7:01 And it’s munching and lip-smacking time. No mmmm or anything which says it’s not really good as she professes.

7:29 Going to have a vanilla ice-cream sandwich.

7:40 It’s April 29th. Way to keep on track with your videos, wench.

7:56 Now she’s having her ugly, horrid stir fry on rice. Begs us to try her recipe. NO.

8:19 Added brown rice because she wanted more carbs. Yeah, whatever. I give no fucks.

8:41 Says that it’s perfect with the amount of sauce. It’s now perfect. Does the silent hand flailing thing. Here are the mmmms and lip smacks.

9:10 Sitting in her room ‘cause she likes to sit and watch her shows while she’s eating.

9:25 Shows that she has a bandaid on her MacBook because she wants that camera covered. FFS. She makes no sense. Records herself and puts it online, but is afraid of the camera on her laptop? The fuck.

9:48 Going to make ‘a ramen’ (pardon me while I facepalm myself into oblivion) and Boar’s Head blazing buffalo chicken sausage. Says she’s only going to use only one of them. Going to put the sausage in her ramen and blast the entire mess with Tapitio.

10:24 Random background conversation. Eric is going to bed. There’s talk about how Amber thought Captain Marvel was boring. Captain Marvel was Becky’s favorite. I am loathe to agree with Becky, but there it is. Amber has proven she has no taste.

11:10 Shows off her gross ass ramen. Ugh. It looks like absolute shit.

11:30 Professes her hair is outrageous. Outrageously greasy? Yup. Sniffs her ramen and makes a gross o-gasm face. I will have nightmares.

11:55 Samples the broth. Eyes about pop out of her head. Says ‘I did that’ repeatedly. Yes, you ruined fucking ramen.

12:08 Goes on about how she knows how to make some creative ‘ramens.’ Waxes on about how it’s because she grew up poor.

12:17 ‘Actual ramen bite’. Then discusses how some people have their ramen with no broth. She says ‘sometimes it’s okay like that, but I like broth.’

12:47 Foodgasms here. Proves the msg-laden Rame is definitely more her speed than her horror-stirfry. Moans that it’s worth the points.

13:14 Here’s the reaction we expect. The wrinkled happy face and shit. Wishes she had an egg.

13:29 Shows that she’s breaking out. Then talks about how today she ate a lot of meat. Says some days she has no meat, but then she crams every animal on the planet into her gaping maw.

13:58 Talks about how eating a lot of meat makes her feel subconsciously bad. Doesn’t expound upon that. Just chock it up to

14:28 She’s shook and highly recommends her shit ramen.

14:57 Done eating for the day. Going on the WW website and putting in her shit. Ate 55 points. Which is a shit-ton.

15:35 Acknowledges she ate a god-damned salt lick.

15:49 Hopes we’re doing good and hopes everyone on a weightloss journey is succeeding. Blah blah blah shaddup.

16:08 ‘Anyhoozle’ SHADDUP.

16:13 Signs off for her and her floppy greasy poop bun.

TL;DW/R: Not the worst. Warnings for all the disgusting lip-smacking, though. She's dull but almost tolerable.
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"I want to eat what I want to eat, when I want to eat it."

THAT says everything we need to know about her.

I don't know anything about Weight Watchers; what are they 'teaching' her? She's still eating the same garbage & as others mention, not a singe fresh fruit or veggie in sight. If you're paying to be in their program, do they not offer some version of Basic Nutrition 101?

"I know how to make some amazing Ramen." I heard 'amazing vomit' & oddly enough, barely batted an eyelash because that's what her meals look like.