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Super boring video. The only "impressive" thing about it is that she managed to go an entire night without ordering takeout supposedly. She's only on day 4 and already extremely proud of herself. Flexing on us about how many WW points she can eat and still lose weight. Will Amberlynn narcissist Reid finally succeed on weight watchers and become a TikTok weight loss thinspiration? [sarcasm]

Point Blank Period

There is no way she is going to lose weight eating that quantity of food. I have never seen someone so obsessed with weight and dieting gain hundreds of pounds in the process. She will never succeed without professional intervention. It is sad that she seems to live her life waiting for her next meal or snack. I find it odd that she is always eating by herself. Do she and Becky ever eat together. Maybe she eats in the middle of the night when Becky and everyone else in the world is sleeping. She looks so terrible. She takes no pride in her appearance. I am surprised she is not a drug addict or alcoholic. She is definitely addicted to food and shopping. It must really suck being her. It makes my head spin.

Turd Fergusson

My take on this video.

It is Day 4 on Weight Watcher, and she is so proud of herself to be successful to be so long on a diet. Impressive. I thought that she was so sad a day earlier. I guess she was not that sad.

She gets 93 points. I calculate that I get 30 points. I am miffed. How dare she gets 3 times more points than me and I am almost a foot taller.

The first meal is cottage cheese. Good. Add pepper and Tapatio. She transforms a good food into a salt bomb.

The salad is absolutely disgusting. She is already gaming the points so that she can eat as much as she wants. She is not failing because she is eating as she usually does. She loves that she can eat what she wants as long as it fits within her points, and she makes them fit alright.

A new Amber word: "Taco guts”.

a dinosaur

If I was in the WW marketing department, I would offer to pay her to not mention or try the program publicly ever again. She is exhibit A of it being a worthless endeavor.
Meanwhile, in her head, she's already a success story and feeling the fantasy. She'll lose 400 pounds, prove the haters wrong, become an inspiration to millions everywhere as the star of a series of Weight Watchers before/after commercials. She's just filming the "before" part, that's all.

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