What if Chris is right about the Dimensional Merge? -

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Nurse Ratchet

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I'd commission Count Chocula to fly to your mom's house & drain you of your life force, then remove your fingers. Because you are one of the worst shitposters I've ever seen on this site.

Let that sink in.

And after that sinks in, I'll add that you're so shit at this that you also get laughed at in a few of the kiwi Discords.

Also inb4 Spergatory'd, idiot.



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This thread is definitely headed to Spergatory
Now before it does get locked there are some valid points. After all chaz has become cwcvile just thousands of miles away from Chris to rule it
And the joker movie predicted that there would be mass riots looting and anarchy in most major cites. Maybe Chris was on to something... Not the merge though just the future.
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