What if Chris is right about the Dimensional Merge? -

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This isn't even a good topic for a "let's imagine" for fun.

True. Next to this, Chris's maundering 'let's pretend I'm Santa Claus and I just took a load of Viagra' boredom sounds like a subject for riveting hours of conversation.

@Webby's Boyfriend, your OP is boring and so are you. Delete your account and make something worthwhile of your life.
@Webby's Boyfriend is the gift that keeps on giving, you just keep doubling down with this shiztobabble. Im sorry to say no matter how hard you wish, you will never fuck a cartoon duck, by all means keep telling us all about it though.
The fact that he wants to comitt both adultery and bestiality at the same time is wrong.


To be honest, if this shit DID happen, I'd arm myself and hope to god the various killer bugs and universe destroying super robots that get spawned into this world at least leave me alone for a moment while I construct a little ship for me to escape the hellhole Earth: Chris Edition has become.

I'm fairly certain Getter Robo and the Angels from Evangelion wouldn't be getting along fairly well, to say nothing of the literal demon hordes and religious fanatics in power armor running about as well. Maybe I can jack an R-Type fighter and escape that way?

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If I make a cartoon where an omniscient character states that cartoons aren't real, would every "reality cartoons" disappear in a puff of logic?

No, because your cartoon would erase itself from existence retroactively, thereby erasing the circumstances under which the erasure occurred

Unless your cartoon always existed... :\


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Usually, I don't resort to reaction pictures, but this autism is so mind-bogglingly exceptional, the only kind of response it deserves is low effort shit like this
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