What if Corona was here to stay? - Thought experiment


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This, pretty much. Even without vaccine we will become slowly more resistant to it, until at some point, perhaps 100 or 200 years to the future it has become just another common cold, of barely worth the notice at that point.
Another thing to note is that diseases that kill en masse aren't actually that great of an evolutionary endpoint. To bring up the plague inc mentality, it's entirely possible for a disease to kill more people than it infects, and thus run itself dry. In addition, a severe disease invokes a severe response. Though it's possible for a mild, fast-spreading disease to suddenly develop a lethal version of itself, it's far more likely that more mild versions will appear over time, as diseases with high survival rates are less likely to affect their host's behaviour or spread.

The common cold is called that because it's a well-developed version that's mild enough to not kill most sufferers, or to even bother with it. It's just seen as an inevitability of Flu season.


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We didn't shut down the US economy when Ebola made its way here. If you seriously think this whole shitshow is because of a virus with a pitiful case fatality rate, I've got a container full of aborted baby parts to sell you...
Corona spreads via breathing. Ebola only spread like wildfire in Africa because villages kept bodies in their homes or in the street.


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If corona gets bad, I am quitting my job, dropping out of my dream program, and applying for an assistant manager trainee program in retail. I didn’t sign up for this shit. I would rather be in retail again.
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We wouldn't quarantine. We'd just have to live with it.

In other words it would be like how we deal with the Flu now, only slightly more deadly.
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We'll just have to adapt. Something will work out in the end. I don't mind staying at home, but all the same I can't wait to just go out and do things again.
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the antibody studies are saying it's way more contagious and way less deadly than originally thought. so maybe by lying about their numbers from day 1, china encouraged the world to OVER-react to the virus rather than underreact.

i'm starting to think that even if it is here to stay, we're probably not much worse off for it. would suck to get it, but hey would suck to get the flu too.


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If the coronavirus becomes endemic, then it’s likely that treatments will significantly lower the mortality and morbidity rates such that getting it won’t be any bigger of a deal than influenza. Mortality will likely return to where it was before as most cases are mild and more severe cases can be cured or treated. As it makes its way in the population, people will gain at least partial immunity to it, so future outbreaks are not likely to be as devastating.

A vaccine could be developed, which can provide protection for at least some time. Based on the characteristics of this virus, a person I work with in microbiology says that he thinks it’ll become a childhood disease that is addressed with a childhood vaccination, and it could eventually be regionally extirpated like other childhood diseases but persist in less developed regions where there are access concerns.